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Tear Jerker / Red Rising

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Every book in this bloodydamn series makes you want to cry your heart out. Spoilers for the first two books are unmarked.

Red Rising

  • Eo's execution.
  • Darrow being partnered with Julian in The Passage after they hit it off so well the day before.
  • Pax's death.
  • The Passage truly shows how evil the Society is in matching up teenagers to cull out the weak. Reading the aftermath of every character who bears the shame of killing another young person is simply heartbreaking. Just imagine having to kill your classmate you just made friends with. High school is about making bonds that will last for life but the Society decided to turn it into a way for shame to scar someone for life. All of this for culling out those who don’t deserve life.

Golden Son

  • Quinn's succumbing to the injuries sustained in Aja's No Holds Barred Beat Down, and the subsequent decay of Roque and Darrow's friendship.
  • Tactus' death. He chose to do the right thing, and Lorn killed him for it.
    • With Word of Gay confirming him as Bisexual, it's even worse if you subscribe to the theory that Tactus had an unrequited crush on Darrow all along.
  • Fitchner's story of how he lost his wife.
  • Darrow and Mustang's confrontation in the tunnels of Lykos near the end of the book.
  • The ending.


Morning Star

  • Darrow's time in the Box. His guilt eating at him is heartbreaking to read.
  • Trigg's death. Stabbed through the chest, lifted into the air like a frog on a stick, and dumped off a bridge.
  • While suffocating in the vacuum of space during the escape from Quicksilver's tower in Morning Star, Darrow recalls Roque blushing during Tactus' sex jokes. Given how close Roque and Tactus were at the start of Golden Son, and combined with the fact that both were confirmed as Bisexual, it looks like Roque had feelings for Tactus, making the latter's death even more tragic in hindsight.
  • Darrow and Sevro's moment of Fighting the Lancer in the second act.
  • As is if we didn’t have enough reasons to hate Nero Au Augustus, Mustang tells about how he allowed her unborn little sister to die simply because “if the child was not fit to survive birth, it did not deserve life.” What’s worse is it led to Mustang’s mother committing suicide. Mustang was only six years old when this happened.
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  • Ragnar dies.
  • Roque commits suicide.

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