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  • What Could Have Been: Pierce Brown had an entire character arc planned out for Pax au Telemanus in which he would have become Bash Brothers with Ragnar, learned the dangers of blindly trusting authority, and fallen in love with Evey, with Mickey helping the two conceive a child together as penance for what he did to Evey. But then Pierce chose who to have the Jackal kill in the first book by drawing names out of a hat, and Pax was the one he picked.
    • There was originally a scene planned for Red Rising where Sevro would have been revealed to be a fan of Taylor Swift music.
    • The Iron Rain in Golden Son would have originally been unsuccessful, and Nero would have survived the ending of the book.
    • Aja was originally concieved as a male character, named Ajax, but Pierce struggled with writing the character until he decided to change them from male to female. and the rest is history.
  • Word of Gay: Victra, Cassius, Roque, and Tactus are all bisexual. There are others, but Pierce Brown has chosen to refrain from saying who so that fans can guess for themselves.
    • He later confirmed on Twitter that Evey and Harmony were also interested in same-sex relationships (whether they're bi or pansexual is not yet clear), while Orion is a Lesbian.
  • Word of God: Pierce Brown is known for answering fan questions in interviews and Q&A Sessions.
    • Tactus' family is of predominantly mediterranian descent.
    • Aja, Orion, and Quinn are of approximately African descent.

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