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Tear Jerker / OFWGKTA

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For teenaged ne'er-do-wells, they sure have their moments where their emotions can get the best of them.

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    Tyler, the Creator 
  • The last verse of the Title Track, in which Tyler vents about how depressed and even suicidal he's become from his father.
  • The entirety of "Inglorious", for the same reason.


  • "Niggas saying 'Free Earl' without even knowing him/They're missing a new album/I'm missing my only friend"
  • "Nightmare" from Goblin also qualifies.
  • From "Goblin": "I sit in grandmother's living room and just pout and shout loud inside, sometimes I just wanna die!"


  • "Answer", in which Tyler lashes out at his father for being absent still, says he's better off without him, rants about how much he hates him for two verses only to say he hopes he answers his phone at the end of each one, and he laments Syd's bipolar disorder and Hodgy's alcoholism. A few other tracks from the album as well, which seems to hint at some Creator Breakdown along with some Artist Disillusionment.
  • The closing track "Lone", which talks about the death of his grandmother and this awkwardness he faces when he's obliged to see her for the last time. He makes a last conversation with her in her hospital room, not even being able to maintain eye contact from the anxiousness he's feeling. Cue the beautiful string sample. "She died that night."
  • Also "48," which is a criticism of the morality of drug dealers where the protagonist eventually goes from boasting to My God, What Have I Done?
  • The Mood Whiplash at the end of "Pigs" when Samuel faces a similar My God, What Have I Done? moment.
  • The music video for "IFHY", especially the look of shock on Tyler's face when he realizes he's been burned.


  • "Gone Gone/Thank You", in which the romantic relationship the album centers around completely falls apart and Tyler must come to terms with it. While almost every lyric is heartbreaking, special mention goes to the final verse:
    Thank you for the love
    Thank you for the joy
    Thank you for the time
    Thank you for your mind, mind
    But I don't ever wanna fall in love again

    Earl Sweatshirt 
  • "Chum": "Been back a week and I already feel like calling it quits."
  • "Burgundy", "20 Wave Caps", and "Sunday" off of Doris, as well as the aforementioned "Chum".
  • The entirety of "I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside". Special mention to tracks "DNA", "Grief", and "Mantra".
  • "Solace". Especially the first and last verses.
  • "Some Rap Songs" takes this Up to Eleven, especially the last three songs.

    Frank Ocean 


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