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Tear Jerker / Oasis

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This Britpop band can make you cry.

  • "Don't Go Away" was written for the Gallaghers' mom, Peggy — who was hospitalized and suspected of having cancer. They say Liam started sobbing in the recording. They threw it in.
  • The appropriately named "Stop Crying Your Heart Out".
  • Noel's rendition of The Smiths' "There Is a Light That Never Goes Out".
  • In an unintended way, the joke track "Digsy's Dinner". The band said they liked the "This could be the best days of our lives", and it (along with the lyrics' puppy love imagery) can sound as a somewhat warm take on "be here now" anthems.
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  • Then there are "Where Did It All Go Wrong" and "Falling Down".
  • This performance of "Live Forever", just one month before the band's break-up. The absolute anger between the Gallagher brothers is palpable, and even if you didn't know they had (another) fight before the show, hearing the bitterness in Liam's voice (a shadow of its former self) and seeing him nervously pace the stage when not singing, along with seeing Noel break down in tears after the line "Now is not the time to cry", tells you that something isn't right with this band. The usually uplifting and fist-pumping guitar solo becomes heartbreaking.
  • Also: "Slide Away", "Cast No Shadow", and "Don't Look Back in Anger".


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