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Heartwarming / OFWGKTA

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  • Tyler's last verse on Oldie. 'nuff said.
  • On Mellowhype's BLACKENEDWHITE album, a song called "Gun Sounds" starts with Hodgy Beats playing back a voicemail his dad left him. Hodgy laughs & jokes about it but saves the message to his phone. For a group that's most prominent members are well, bastards, it's good to know that Hodgy's father is not only still around, but if anything is to be implied, it's that they have a good relationship.
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  • The group's reaction (or lack thereof) to Frank Ocean coming out. Not what people were expecting from hip-hop's biggest embracers of the word "faggot".
  • All of "Under 2" from Mellowhype's album Numbers, which is about Hodgy Beats' son.
  • "Me and My Bitch" by Domo Genesis...which instantly turns into a CMOF when he reveals that his bitch is marijuana


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