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  • The OFWGKTA Carnival that happened on September 30th, 2012, which served as a Grand Finale for their Camp Flog Gnaw Tour.
    • The carnival made it's return the next November, now as an annual event. Tyler once tweeted that he had a dream where he performed Kanye West's Late on stage with Yeezy himself. Kanye actually did a surprise performance at the carnival, with him performing Late... WITH TYLER. Dreams really do come true.
  • Tyler, the Creator was recently awarded the very first Key to the City of Boulder, Colorado.
  • Despite how much he might hate it, there's a reason "Yonkers" made the huge impact that it did when it dropped. Eating the cockroach in the video has already become iconic, and it's the perfect Establishing Character Moment for Tyler and the group as a whole.
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  • Frank Ocean receiving six Grammy nominations for Channel Orange.
  • The return of Earl in 2012. The announcement came just out of nowhere as did Earl's first new song back home, the fittingly titled Home.
    "And I'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... back."
    • His verse on Oldie also probably counts. It had already been confirmed that Earl, despite his return just in time for The OF Tape Vol. 2's release, would not be making any appearances on the album. The album closes on a 11-minute posse cut where all of the rapping members of the group throw in a verse... with Earl appearing out of nowhere on the second-to-last verse, which goes for far longer than all the others. Completely unexpected and had people listening to the leak completely crazy.
  • The "Domo23" video, in which Tyler (as wrestler Fookie Bookie) takes on Domo, and after being curbstomped for a few verses, he defeats spitting on him.
    • Four story home, gotta climb eight set of stairs, just to see where my FUCKING ROOF BE!
  • Tyler's response to an interviewer asking what he's trying to get across with his lyrics.
    "Nothing...shit to piss old white people off like you."
  • Five words: WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW. If you freestyle over a Kanye West beat and even Yeezy himself thinks you killed it, you know you're on the right track. Bonus points for having A$AP Rocky as the hype man.
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  • This performance at Camden Crawl. The crew encourages the fans to break down the barricades and storm the stage, and THEY DO IT. Left Brain can be seen pulling fans onto the stage as the security guards attempt to detain them
  • Tyler's performance at the 2020 Grammy Awards was a sight to behold, opening with Boyz II Men and Charlie Wilson singing "Earfquake" and followed by Tyler giving an energetic performance of "New Magic Wand" in front of a burning background. By far the most memorable moment of the performance was when a crowd of Tyler impersonators marched onto the stage and moshed while the camera shook to mimic an earthquake.
    • Later that same night, Tyler achieved an additional moment of awesome by winning his first ever Grammy award after years of award snubs.


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