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Nightmare Fuel / OFWGKTA

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  • "Splatter by Tyler the Creator"; then again, the group is simply insane. Their group was also formed by 15-17 year olds?
  • Possibly worse is "Sarah" from Tyler's debut album. It seems to be about a boy who kills, cannibalizes and rapes a girl after she says no to his invitation to prom.
    • Made even sadder by this line just before he does so: "But all I really want is a kiss on the cheek, in private, not public on the streets..."
    • Not to mention all the nice sound effects in the song, including the victim screaming "Tyler!" through her gag followed by some indiscernible babbling, the sound of her apparently choking on... something...
    • And after her death, a skit in which Tyler cradles what's left of her body and croons to her "My lady... you're my lady... taste so good..." before committing suicide by cop.
  • Or even worse is "Tron Cat" from Goblin. The beat is creepy as hell, Tyler says stuff like he raped a pregnant bitch says he had a threesome. Even Dr. T.C. (who is later revealed as another one of his personalities) is speechless and says "What the fuck?"
  • The video for "Yonkers:" an Inaction Video in which he plays with and then eats a cockroach, vomits, has his eyes go completely black, and ultimately hangs himself on camera.
  • Also from Tyler's debut album is "Blow", another song about Tyler raping and murdering a girl. The chorus, accompanied by Tyler's alter-ego demon voice, sums it up pretty well.
    Baby, you're an angel
    How about we turn this into a fable of some sort?
    You already know you're dead
    Ironic cause your lipstick's red, of course
    I stuff you in the trunk, drunk
    Cause all I really wanna do is fuck and snort blow
  • And then we have the early material from Earl Sweatshirt, the youngest and arguably most talented member of OF, who wrote a song called "Luper" in his eponymous album. Pretty much the whole song seems to be a genuine and heartfelt tearjerker about his depression after getting dumped, until the last verse.
    The basement is dark and
    See her face while you're eating your breakfast
    And know she's in my basement objecting to sex with
    Me, murder spree, moving on to the next bitch
    Tombstones read Rip cause it's pieces they rest in
  • The Creepy Dolls (Tyler and a woman in heavy Uncanny Valley Makeup) in Tyler's video for "Ifhy," along with the Stalker with a Crush lyrics and Domestic Abuse imagery. (Though Nightmare Retardant kicks in when Tyler's doll is suddenly run over by the actual Tyler and Hodgy and the song switches to "Jamba")
  • Wolf has "Pigs," which is done in the style of a track from Bastard or Goblin, only that it stars Samuel and stops being tongue-in-cheek early on and turns into a horrifying deconstruction with a very convincing My God, What Have I Done? coupled with a tear jerking emotional breakdown.
    Samuel: I didn't mean to hurt anybody, I'm sorry
    I wouldn't hurt a fly or consider joining the Army
    I'm hardly ever angry, Roger Rabbit framed me
    Momma I'm the same fucking kid that you made, see?
    I don't wanna go to jail, I just wanna go home
    And I want them fucking kids at school to just leave me alone
    • Also, Samuel's entrance at the end of "Rusty," when he kills Earl. Though it's hammy enough to be Black Comedy, it's still pretty disturbing.
    Samuel: Oh, SHUT THE FUCK UP! (*a gunshot is heard along with the sound of Earl hitting the floor) SAMUEL'S HERE!
  • Tyler in whiteface during the video for Tamale. Crosses into Uncanny Valley.
  • Take a look at the cover of Bastard. Now, take a look at some of the individual faces.
  • "She", an R&B ballad about a Stalker with a Crush who has an obsessive infatuation with a woman, even watching over her as she sleeps. Doesn't help that Frank Ocean's hook turns this into an ear worm.
    • The video is creepy as well: it portrays Tyler as a masked sexual predator with Black Eyes of Evil that sneaks into the bedroom of Frank Ocean's lover, rapping to her as she sleeps. Frank sees it and reports it to the police who track him down and successfully catch him. As the police take Tyler back to the lover's house, Tyler finds time to rap to her more about how much he loves her, and the scenario ends with Tyler turning to the camera and smiling. It zooms out to show that it's on a TV screen that the lover is watching...but the camera pans up to show that Tyler is standing behind her.
  • The video to "Buffalo" is rife with Uncanny Valley imagery. It starts out with Tyler in his white face makeup again, sporting an lopsided glare at the viewer, but then it zooms out to reveal that he's been lynched and that an angry mob is still coming for him. Tyler lowers himself from the noose and he starts running, but the way he walks is unsteady and jilted, like a corpse or a ragdoll. At least the second half of the video is okay.
  • The first half of "Who Dat Boy" is rife with Facial Horror right from the thumbnail. The video starts out with Tyler creating something that blows up in his face, literally. Judging by the lyrics and the fact that the police are after him throughout the video, it's safe to assume it was a bomb. Tyler then visits A$AP Rocky, who sews a new face onto him which once again reeks of the Uncanny Valley.
  • Tyler's face on the album cover to IGOR could qualify as this.


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