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Tear Jerker / Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

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  • The climax. After malfunctioning and accidentally attacking Lilo, Stitch decides that it is too dangerous for him to live on Earth anymore and tries to escape to an uninhabited planet using Jumba's ship. Lilo ends up chasing after him with a hovercraft, and witnesses him crash into a mountain. Knowing the only way to save Stitch's life is to put him in Jumba's Fusion Chamber to recharge him, she activates the machine with Stitch inside, but he doesn't awaken. Lilo believes him to be dead and cradles his motionless body in her arms until Stitch suddenly grabs her arm, revealing that he did in fact survive.
    Lilo: Stitch, I'm so sorry. (sighs) I kept saying how I needed you...but you needed me more. (puts flower on Stitch's chest and sniffles) You're my ohana, Stitch. (shivers, then hugs him) And I'll always love you. (breaks down sobbing)
    • Even if there was no way Disney would actually kill off Stitch for real, it still doesn't make anything less sad.
    • Actually Stitch did die and Lilo's love brought him back. Makes it more sad, doesn't it?
    • "Stitch sorry." He says it so many times throughout the movie, but doing it right before he died... And before he says it one last time, as Lilo peers into the chamber, both hands on the glass, he reaches up and places his paw on the glass where Lilo's hand is. Possible Shout-Out to Spock's death, anyone?
    • The fact that it was so drawn out. They did the scene very well.
  • Jumba's entire story in the film is fairly sad: he finds out early on that Stitch is malfunctioning and dying, and spends the entire movie unsure if he can truly do anything to save him but tries his hardest to do so anyway. Elsewhere in the series, Jumba rarely makes it as evident that he looks at Stitch as his own child, and his pain as his attempts to save him fail is heartbreaking - when it looks like the only machine that could fix things has exploded, he just shuts down entirely. Luckily Pleakley is there to re-encourage him, but still...
    "Jumba has failed family..."
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  • During the film, Nani and Lilo have another small fight - which ends in a heartwarming way, but has this very tearjerking exchange, with Lilo being generally frustrated and Nani being increasingly agitated trying to help.
    Lilo: (shouting) "You're no help! I wish Mom were here!"
    Nani: "I'm doing the best I can!"
    Lilo: (nastily) "Well, it's not good enough!"
    Nani: (voice breaking slightly) "Don't you think I know that?"

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