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Tear Jerker / Stitch!

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  • The "Lilo" episode.
    • The flashback scenes of the original movies, but then comes the real tearjerker scene. After waiting in vain for Lilo to appear on the beach like they had promised, Stitch thinks Lilo abandoned him so he grabs the tiki necklace from the fourth movie, hangs it on a tree and leaves the island on Jumba's ship. The sobbing hasn't even begun, though, because there's nothing more heartbreaking than seeing Lilo running towards the beach, finding nothing but the necklace and then hold it against her chest before screaming his name and falling to her knees, sobbing hysterically. That single scene is enough to make you sob for the rest of the day.
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    • It didn't help that when Lilo's daughter is telling her about Stitch and Lilo just says that even if he was here that she wouldn't want or see him right now. Adds bonus points that Stitch heard everything she said. Sure, Stitch's cartoony facial expression upon hearing was funny, it still didn't make it any less sad. (Sniff)
    • Everyone was crying after Lilo's goodbye. Even Hämsterviel.
  • The whole idea that Lilo and Stitch aren't together anymore is enough to make you cry.
  • The episode "A Recurring Nightmare", where it's revealed that Yuna's mom died in a typhoon, when Yuna was too young to even remember what she looked like. To make matters worse, the final thing Yuna has to remember her mother is just a photo with the latter's face out of view.
    • The song that Yuna's mother would sing to her when she was younger, "Baby Mine".
    • The ending of the episode, mixed with Heartwarming. It shows Yuna looking up at the sky humming the song that her mom used to sing to her, and then in the clouds above, it shows the clouds forming into the only photo she managed to salvage of her mother holding baby Yuna in the sky.
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  • In "Stitch Dreams", one of Stitch's nightmares was accidentally ruining Yuna's birthday. Yuna yells at him, then Stitch lies on the ground sobbing. It was a dream, but still...
  • "Angel's Flight" has a scene where Yuna shouts at Angel to leave after the latter breaks a vase. It's much sadder than it sounds.

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