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Funny / Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

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Stitch might stop their fight now...
But first, meega take a selfie!

    Jumba: Aw, all the other aliens get to make them...
  • The Torment by Annoyance scene that provides the trope page's image:
    Stitch: Leave me alone!
    Lilo: (pointing at, but not touching Stitch) I'm not touching you.
    Stitch: She's touching me. She's touching me!
    Lilo: I'm not touching you!
    Lilo: Not touching!
    Stitch: (arms out towards her, shouting towards the direction of the viewer) TOUCHING ME! (growls at Lilo)
    Lilo: It's free air. (Stitch licks her) Ew!
  • Stitch takes a rather unflattering picture of Mertle, and mocks her under his breath with a "Bleh!" before tearing up the photo.
  • Lilo attacking Mertle for saying she will never be like her mom with Stitch taking pictures. And no one can say Mertle doesn't deserve it.
    • What doubles the funny of this moment is that after Mertle makes her remark, Lilo turns to Stitch who puts up his hands to stop restraining her as if to say, "There ain't no way I'm stopping you after that, go ahead!"
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    • As seen in the image above, Stitch even takes a selfie while Lilo is beating up Mertle! With the cheekiest grin, too.
    • One photo even shows that Lilo punted Mertle. Damn, that girl is strong!
    • The scene directly afterward when Moses makes a visit to the house to talk to Nani about Lilo's behavior. Lilo deadpans to Stitch, "Next time, Flush the Evidence." Stitch responds by miming flushing a toilet and making a "ka-shush" noise.
    • And then, after Nani informs Jumba and Pleakley of what happened, the two of them, for the first time ever pose as "Uncle Jumba" and "Aunt Pleakley" to try and save Lilo from getting any consequences for attacking Mertle. In particular, we get this exchange, which just shows how good the two are at getting into character:
    Nani: (to David after he randomly shows up) You remember my Auntie Pleakley and Uncle Jumba!(hushed tone) Say something...
    David: Uhh...(to Pleakley) I like your hat...?
    Pleakley: Why thank you, David! (to Jumba) See, I told you! (aside to Moses) He told me it made me look top-heavy!
    Jumba: Aunt Pleakley wanted the truth!
    Pleakley: What we want and what we need are very different things.
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  • Jumba's reaction to a part of the monster movie where the giant ant eats a whole civilization, leaving nothing but bones.
    Jumba: [tears up] It's so beautiful.
  • This exchange. Lilo and Stitch are at their wits end looking for an idea for Lilo's hula, when randomly a chicken walks by. Lilo goes from depressed to excited so quick, and Stitch is so blunt yet gentle about it that the timing is just hilarious.
    Lilo: (jumps to her feet) "That's it! I've got it! Elvis is trying to tell us to do a hula about a chicken!"
    Stitch: (gently touches her shoulder and eases her down) "No, he's not." (Lilo sits back down)
    • The way the chicken clucks after Lilo announces her "idea". It looks and sounds absolutely bewildered.
  • Pleakley's dating advice for David.
    Pleakley: (to Nani) "My name is Inga, and I'm a foreign exchange student. Are you jealous?"
  • Jumba's reaction to Stitch/626's creation:
    Jumba: So cute... so... fluffy, even... WHERE DID I GO WRONG?!
    626: (guttural snarling and clawing at the glass)
    Jumba: RAAAGH! AH! Oh. He-he. What a relief.
  • During the montage of Stitch doing good deeds, he rescues a baby bird that's fallen from its nest. Then he leaves and comes back, opening his mouth to feed it worms.


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