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Tear Jerker / GoldenEye

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  • Bond's reaction when Trevelyan is supposedly killed during the opening sequence. It's very brief, but it's enough to tell you that they were very good friends, making the revelation of the latter's betrayal all the more wrenching.
  • Natalya mourning her murdered friends in the ruined satellite control base of Severnaya, accompanied with the sad "Severnaya Suite" theme.
  • Bond confronting Trevelyan amid a junkyard filled with ruined Soviet statues. A scene filled with symbolism, and Bond looks utterly betrayed throughout.
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  • When Natalya asks James how he can constantly close out other people. He says that it keeps him alive, to which Natalya replies, "No-it's what keeps you alone."
  • The ending dedication to Derek Meddings, who had overseen many of the visual effects of the franchise since 1973's Live And Let Die, including the special effects and miniature work for GoldenEye, which was one of his final projects.
  • The fact that Pierce Brosnan's first wife Cassandra Harris passed away in 1991 before she could realize her dream of seeing her husband portray James Bond. The fact that he had initially been accepted to inherit the role a full eight years prior to GoldenEye before he was forced to withdraw due to the renewal of Remington Steele makes this especially bittersweet.


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