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Tear Jerker / Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

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For a game that's based on the legendary manga series whose Trope Codifier for Manly Tears, expect yourself to shed these for your own.

  • Jagre attempts to save an old man bing held hostaged by Tagra. Tagra then breaks both of his arms and shoots a hole in him, to Jagre's horror. For a franchise whose villains sees the errors of their ways, Tagra is no such man.
  • One of the substories involves a man who is trying to find his girlfriend Alma. You first go to see Xsana, who tells you to see a watchman who knew her. He then tells you she was Dead All Along due to an illness. As Ken goes to the man, he attempts to save a woman from a bandit, only to get struck down. After the bandit is killed, Ken has the option if Alma is dead or alive. If you tell him she's dead, he wonders if Alma is proud that he stood up for someone, to which Ken says she would. He eventually dies and Ken gives a small eulogy, hoping they are Together in Death.
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  • When the Eden chairman attempts to talk to some thugs in the city, one of them strikes him down, and if you know how Ken is, he avenges him by killing the thugs involved. The chairman laments if he was born in a different time, then maybe he may had a chance to talk to people. Before he dies, he gives him his pen, stating "the pen is mightier than the sword".
  • The ending: Kenshiro and Yuria finally reunite as the nuclear stockpile in Sphere City prepares to launch. With Sphere City's dome closed, the two embrace as the nukes hit the ceiling and detonate. It is later shown that they both narrowly survived, but only because Nadai sacrificed himself to make sure they were in the recovery pod on the Tower of Miracles moments before the nukes exploded.

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