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Awesome / Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise

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  • The main menu. It's the quintessential Hokuto no Ken image: a cloaked muscleman striding through an endless apocalyptic desert, ready to lay a serious smackdown on the next evildoer he comes across before walking right back into the wastes.
  • Before the first Targa fight, Ken manages to throw an axe at Targa's gun before he can shoot Jagre in the head. Ken then walks towards Targa, cracking his knuckles, followed by a bunch of mooks exploding in the background.
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  • Hell, every fight when you encounter mooks who are either harassing people or chasing you, and you decide to prove your "point" by hitting theirs. Brutally.
  • Midway through the fight with Thouzer, Kenshiro successfully manages to figure out his secret and counteract his Dextrocardia to finally inflict damage with Hokuto Shinken techniques. Given that Kenshiro had to lose before finding this out in the source series, this is a pretty significant feat.
  • Targa's death. He had spent the entire game believing Hokuto Shinken couldn't affect him due to his metal body. However, when Kenshiro strikes a blow on what little actual flesh remains of him, he freaks out once the effects of Hokuto Shinken start to manifest on his body. He screams in disbelief that he is a god, and that he has no pressure points. Kenshiro, without missing a beat, reminds him that he's not a god, and he never will be. Because gods never die, and he is already dead. Once more, Targa shouts that he is a god as his body explodes, and he falls off the edge of the Chamber of Miracles.


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