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Tear Jerker / Chicken Little

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This movie isn't well-liked, especially by Disney standards, but it did have genuinely tearjerking moments.
  • Chicken Little wishing to follow in his father Buck's footsteps as a baseball star, but Buck tells him not to set his hopes so high. It's sadder than it sounds.
    • Later on, Chicken Little looking at the father dog playing with his son. He just wants his father to be proud of him and he feels he will never be good enough to him. This is pretty much awful to any kid... cue next scene.
    • This song in the background also doesn't help matters.
  • After C.L. rings the bell to alert the whole town about the aliens invading. Unfortunately, the ship goes back to camouflage mode, and no one believes him, not even Buck, who finally appreciated his son after the Acorns baseball team won.
    • It's very easy to interpret Buck as a jerkass for this, but there's another heartbreaking implication. Namely, Buck's expression is a heartbroken, apologetic one, making his "No son, I don't" line seem more like he actally means "Sorry son, I can't" rather than shooting the chance of the truth down.
  • "Prepare to hurt... and I don't mean emotionally like I do!"
  • The very brief moment everyone has when it looks like Chicken Little struck out at the game. Everyone is saddened and disappointed. Makes one wonder what would've done and/or said if they really had lost.
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  • Abby, Fish, and Runt go to comfort Chicken Little after the townspeople don't believe him, but to no avail. They leave to give him some space.
  • A sad moment near the end: Buck has chased down his son so that they can escape the town as it's being overrun, but Chicken Little interrupts him with an explanation of how they can stop the Alien Invasion. Buck, understandably confused by the abruptness and his son's Motor Mouth, says, "Huh?" Chicken Little yanks his hand away and says bitterly, "Forget it. You wouldn't believe me anyway." As he runs off into the chaotic danger zone the town has become, Buck yells after him. It's understandable with what's been happening the whole movie, but it is possible to feel sorry for both of the characters.
    Buck: Son? Son! Chicken Little!


  • This was Don Knotts' (Turkey Lurkey's VA) last film. He died just a few months after it came out.

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