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Headscratchers / Chicken Little

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  • It's been a while since I read my fairy tales, but shouldn't Chicken Little be a girl and The Ugly Duckling be a boy?
    • Since when does Disney care about accuracy?
    • Chicken Little was originally planned to be a girl.

  • Chicken Little really wants his Dad to believe him. In fact, it's the major desire he's given. So, what does he do when he finds proof that he was right, proof that will finally show his dad he's NOT a kooky nut? He hides it. Why? Um....
    • His dad did seem rather keen to go about ignoring or shoving things under the rug (even when the aliens were invading, he still had difficulty listening to his son). One has to wonder if the proof really would have convinced him. Plus, at that point in the movie, Chicken Little was going for the "make dad proud" angle rather than the "prove I'm right" angle and he feared that the "piece of the sky" would drag up all of his problems from the last time.

  • Okay, why in the bloody name in hell does the school actually divide the teams into popular vs. unpopular and why doesn't Goosey Loosey get in trouble when she attacked Chicken Little?
    • "Rule of Funny"?
    • At least some of the Funny Animals have habits stereotypical for their animal type, like the lemmings jumping off the park bench. Social animals with a hierarchy generally aren't subtle about showing it.
    • The entire town hates Chicken Little, and apparently that extends to his friends.

  • Why is Foxy Loxy so upset after Chicken Little wins the game? What, does she just hate Chicken Little that much?

  • Okay, so the aliens only came to Earth to get nuts. That's all fine and dandy, but if they're such friendly, non-killing aliens, why are there things such as eyes and beating hearts in their ship?
    • Crazy-Prepared medical supplies?
      • I assumed those were incubators. Remember how the little kid crawled out of one? Those eyes and hearts could have been still-growing babies.

  • When Chicken Little is initially called out at home plate, everyone starts acting like they lost. Um, hello? Foxy Loxy just scored the tying run! Have they not heard of extra innings? I mean, it's okay to be disappointed that they weren't able to win right then and there, but to act like they lost? At least be happy that the kid who never gets a hit just delivered the game-tying RBI!
    • The whole town, especially the turkey mayor, are all idiots. Just look at what they did when Chicken Little tried to lure them to come witness the UFO, they paused to stare at a penny! Their incredible stupidity is crucial to the plot of the movie.
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    • Chicken Little's opponent team seemed incompetent anyways. Foxy Loxy was on a roll beating every rival baseball team, and during the big final game the cow players were eating grass rather than staying alert.

  • Wouldn't they have had to get Buck's permission to make that first movie about his son?
    • Given some people's interpretations of Buck, I'm sure many wouldn't be surprised if he gave it to them, just to show the other townspeople how he really viewed the event.
    • Or, maybe he was against it, but someone forced him to give his permission.

  • How old is Chicken Little and his friends if they're taking a foreign language class (Mutton class where they say "Baaaa" for every word)?
    • I was studying a foreign language in grade 4. It's not common it the US, but in other countries it's unusual at most.
    • They are late middle school to high school age, yes the look like younger kids and yes everyone one of them but the fish has an adult voice. But that was Disney at a time. Also maybe being in a place that has lots of lambs, requires you to learn their language.

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