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Tear Jerker / Anno Dracula

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Anno Dracula

  • The general state of John Seward, the Sole Survivor of the original party with both Art Goldaming and Mina Harker vampires and everyone else dead outright. The man was once a proud doctor who had aspirations to help the hurt and do good in the world, but the trauma of seeing Lucy, Quincy, Jonathan Harker and Renfield die in front of him, combined with his and Van Helsing desperately hiding in a vain effort to evade Dracula's mob and ending in his old mentor being dragged away, was enough for him to beg the vampire Mina to kill him... yet she refused. All that remains is little more than a shell committing Van Helsing Hate Crimes in a misguided crusade, killing vampires completely innocent of any actual crimes.
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  • The vampire "newborn" child Lilly slowly dying as a result of the corruption of Dracula's bloodline, which Genevieve is helpless to do anything about except try to ease her suffering. Lilly's own birth mother and the one who sired her are equally indifferent to her wellbeing and both abandoned her some time ago.
  • After Captain Kostaki of the Carpathian Guard and Inspector Mackenzie, a warm constable, start to form a good working relationship and friendship, Kostaki tries in vain to save him from being stabbed and is framed for the policeman's murder, for which he is imprisoned in the Tower of London under Count Orlok.
  • Charles and Genevieve finding the true identity of the Ripper, Jack Seward. Though his crimes revolt them, they can't do much more than pity him and while they consider handing him in, they know to do so would invite Dracula's wrath much in the way that Van Helsing was publicly impaled and his corpse was left on display, speculating that Jack might be left alive and just tortured slowly.
  • The entirety of the events in Buckingham Palace, including leading up to it: