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Nightmare Fuel / Anno Dracula

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Anno Dracula

  • The fate of many esteemed literary and historical figures in Dracula's totalitarian state, often merely casually referred to by other characters.
    • Sherlock Holmes is sent to a concentration camp in the Sussex Downs, as was Bram Stoker.
    • Jonathan Harker was killed by Dracula and Mina, Quincey Morris was stabbed in the heart with his own knife, and Van Helsing's impaled skull resides on top of Buckingham Palace... after Dracula sent Mina to assemble a mob to find him and bring him in front of a Kangaroo Court.
    • Mina herself isn't in a particularly pretty place, having overcome her brainwashing but stuck as a "guest" in Buckingham Palace, loathing the man who killed her friends and had her live through "hell".
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  • Many of Dracula's get suffer from the corruption in his blood, resulting in inhuman monsters due to shape-shifting. A young girl tries to grow wings to fly, but is left with just a malformed, useless wing.
  • A brothel is searched after Dracula outlaws homosexuality, with everyone inside impaled in the street.
    • Though it makes the impaling no less horrific, the brothel has a hidden chamber in the basement, where Vardalek — one of the Carpathian Guard — is found with a dead body while raping another man, all while shapeshifting halfway into his reptilian form. This raises several unpleasant questions about whether the brothel knew of this, and whether the victim was spared from the execution.
  • The Chinese vampire assassin sent after Genevieve is so old and powerful that he borders on being a Humanoid Abomination, and despite her own great strength and durability she is nearly powerless against him in a fight.
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  • Orlok becomes the jailer of the Tower of London, a job he's chosen for particularly due to his love of torture.
  • Queen Victoria's fate in Dracula's world: chained for eternity in Buckingham Palace, her manacle connected to Dracula, an inhuman giant. Surrounding her are Dracula's brides, who would gladly kill her, and his courtiers, who amuse themselves with brutal bloodsport, such as killing animals with their bare hands, and transforming to wolves to eviscerate maidens. The fact that she is publicly dressed in immodest undergarments implies that Dracula uses her as a sex-slave as well. Her torment is so bad that Victoria gladly takes her own life at the first opportunity.
  • Dr Seward's gradual slip into further madness, and his frenzied killings.
  • The scene of Mary Kelly's murder, with blood splattered three feet up the walls and Mary's remains described as "a ruin barely recognisable as a human being."

The Bloody Red Baron

  • At a burlesque show in Paris, Charles Beauregard and Edwin Winthrop watch a performer named Isolde, an elder vampire who's been alive for centuries. The show in question consists of Isolde systematically flaying and devouring herself.
  • During a dogfight with Allied pilots, The Red Baron who has the power to transform himself into a giant bat-human hybrid, merely yanks a hapless pilot intact from his cockpit, leaving the passenger trapped in an unmanned aircraft miles in the sky. The Red Baron's fellow pilots remark to one another that he probably did it just to terrorize the poor guy.