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The Bloody Red Baron

  • In a particularly dark show of Black Comedy, the Red Baron shoots a helpless white beagle. In other words, he killed Anno Dracula's version of Snoopy.

Dracula Cha-Cha-Cha

  • An incredible anti-climax occurs when Dracula's imperious fiancee prepares to execute Kate at the vampires' wedding. The bride snatches a silver sword from Orson Welles, who had been using it as part of a magic trick. When it strikes Kate's throat all it leaves is a bruise, and the prop drips strawberry jam as fake blood.

One Thousand Monsters

  • The revelation that Captain Kostaki and Danny Dravot were Freemason Brothers all along. Their buddy cop moments and odd couple exchanges through the book are numerous and every bit as awesome as they are hilarious. Genevieve, who speaks of their strange manly friendship in her narration, makes a wry observation of the two in the middle of battle towards the end.
    "By the square, by the level," said Dravot.
    "By the plumb rule, by the compasses," answered Kostaki.
    "And by the all-seeing-eye!" they said together.
    Did I mention they were Masons?
  • Genevieve and Christina Light's interactions and banter through the novel, having their own buddy cop theme going on, albeit a more conflicting one. Also later on doubles with heartwarming moments, as the two, despite some prickly disagreements on the course of actions to take and differing personality's, have moments of bonding, and come to understand one another better.
    "Yes Princess," I said.
    Electricity sparked around her. "Don't be facetious, Mademoiselle Genevieve."
    "It's Doctor Genevieve," I said.
    "I don't believe in titles, as I think I've mentioned."
    "If you say "Princess" again, I shall tell Kostaki you love a man in uniform... especially when the buttons are torn off."
    I reconsidered feeling sorry for the Princess. At the end of the world, when the red sun sets for the last time, the only living things on the face of the earth will be giant cockroaches and Christina Light.

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