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  • Vincent Abrams of the Delicious Friends is a Manipulative Bastard and former abusive husband (to Casey)... who, to everyone's enormous satisfaction, found himself thoroughly outclassed against the Porcelain Lady, a true Magnificent Bitch.
  • From Dino Attack RPG:
    • Grease is very snobby and rude, acting like he's better than "outdated losers" like Alpha Team or Rock Raiders. However, he doesn't actually do anything to back up his smug attitude, and is seen running away from the Brickspider Bot or getting his butt handed to him by Mutant Raptors (resulting in him being rescued by some of the "outdated losers" that he previously insulted). Additionally, in Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand, he got the snot beaten out of him by Frozeen, who was so irritated by the former's smug attitude that he was even willing to throw inter-agency relations out the window just to shut him up.
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    • Walter Breen is confident that his high-ranking status in XERRD gives him the authority to boss everyone around and act like he's the one in charge, and remains smug and arrogant through it all. In return, his fellow XERRD scientists despise him and, at one point, even shoot missiles at him just to get him to shut up.
    • French Fries is sure that he is well-deserving of his elite agent ranking and believes that his supposed "friends in high places" will protect him from anyone who raises a finger against him. As such, he comes across as incredibly smug, even boasting to Rex's face that he supposedly ran over Trouble with a vehicle. The result is that he gets utterly humiliated: he is arrested, violently assaulted twice, stripped of his ranking, and discharged from the team, all the while unable to even put up a good fight.
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  • The Formula Rejects Alternate Series have a number of those characters, prime examples are British racing driver James James Davies and Kay Lon, who openly acknowledges Davies as an inspiration as far as professional conduct is concerned.
  • There's actually quite a few examples in Survival of the Fittest:
    • Victor Danya could easily be an example. Arrogance? Check. Mocks the students whenever he can? Check. Doesn't foresee things like two different successful escape plots? Check. Multiple Kick the Dog moments outside of the whole "abducting students" thing? Check. However, how much he fits this trope depends on who's writing him.
    • Maxwell Lombardi of version four is quite the arrogant sort. On one hand, he's the top killer on the island (in fact, he is the one character with the most kills in SOTF history). On the other, well, he lets his arrogance get the better of him at times to say the least. Although this is one of the main criticisms of Maxwell's characterization, his handler confirms his overconfidence getting the better of him to be intentional.
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    • Sidney Rice of SOTF-TV seems to be an example, based on her overall attitude towards the game. Her Establishing Character Moment? Pointing a gun on a kid and proceeding to mock him seemingly for laughs, not even bothering to just shoot him and be done with it. Naturally, she gets interrupted by Jonas Jeffries, an Uzi, and a meme-worthy one-liner. She tries something similar with Karen Ruiz later on which she doesn't survive.
  • Haine and Skull Knight from Yu-Gi-Oh! East Academy. They can dish out the taunts, but they can't seem to take them.


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