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Smug Snake / Tabletop Games

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  • The Clans in BattleTech are total smugs to everyone, they look down on the Inner Sphere as barbarians, and consider themselves superior to them. Within Clan society Trueborns sneer at natural born Freeborns viewing them as inferior, and consider older warriors as Cannon Fodder.
  • Duke Rowan Darkwood from Planescape thinks that he is fated to conquer Sigil. He is wrong.
  • In Warhammer, most skaven seem to have this as their Hat, with the ones at the top usually being full fledged Magnificent Bastards.
    • The same can be said about the Dark Eldar in Warhammer 40,000, as well as a majority of Imperial Governers and Chaos Sorcerers.
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    • Among the Skaven, Grey Seer Thanquol from the Gotrek and Felix novels takes the cake and eats it. He appears as a would-be Big Bad in what seems like half the books, always having his schemes foiled by the titular pair of heroes. At one point he finally gets them in his claws, only to realise they have no idea who he is. Cue the Villainous BSoD.


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