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Shout Out / Jewelpet Kira Deco!

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  • In episode 19, there's a split-second shout out to Image Boards memes, of all things.
  • In episode 20, a parody of the Mission: Impossible theme plays when Blue Knight orders Garnet's guard force to attention.
  • A parody of "Gonna Fly Now" plays in episode 22, when Ruby and Retsu are running around being Hot-Blooded.
  • In episode 24, Coal goes by the alias Coalupin in order to perpetrate a robbery.
  • In episode 25, there is an homage to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video, featuring Ruby and the zombified sardines copying the dance moves. A bit from the song plays in the broadcast version, but not in the home video one.
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  • In episode 35, Dian takes out his cards and says "Let's jewel". Might be just a subs joke.
  • In episode 39, Btooom!-stones; the subs-exclusive name given to the explosive stone that Ruby unknowingly threw at King's house.

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