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The Deco Stones are actually Jewelina herself.
Judging from episodes 1 and 8, we can assume that she is Sealed Good in a Can.
  • Jossed...ish. The truth is complicated. Her body is in the statue and her soul is in Decorisky. The Deco Stones carry her will.

Blue Knight is not his real name.
Because seriously. "Blue Knight" is probably his Idol Singer stage name which he allowed to stick for some reason. I bet the name that shows up in his ID is really Aokishi.

NO ONE in the Kira Deco 5 is using their real names.
Including (especially?) Decorisky, because seriously. What are the probabilities of getting together 5 colorful characters who are all named after their colors and train stations? Clearly they're hiding their names so they can do hero stuff without having to worry about their families getting in danger.

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