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Ho Yay / Jewelpet Kira Deco!

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  • Coal's crossdressing makes this inevitable. It gets better with Io liking his crossdressed form until the upsetting reveal.
  • Episode 2. Ruby's expression when first meeting Pink is the same as Garnet meeting Blue Knight. When Angela tries to arrest the KiraDeco 5, Ruby jumps to tackle her out of the way and saves her, even though they've just met. Then the secondary effects of Angela's spell make Pink fall asleep, and Ruby is all like "YOU GONNA GET RAPED". The next morning, Pink is sleeping on Ruby's bed with Ruby on top of her. Then, Ruby packs up the decorative stones she loves so much and gives them to Labra as bail to get them off Pink's case.
    • In episode 3, there's a scene where Pink seems to try to tenderly touch Ruby's facenote , and then immediately backs away with a flustered look on her face.
    • In episode 20, Ruby and Pink are directly compared to Garnet and Blue Knight when Pink promises to protect Ruby from Garnet's assailant. One time, Pink performs a Diving Save, and is looking all heroic while Ruby looks at her with loving eyes saying "Oh, Pink...", with Love Bubbles in the background.
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    • In episode 24, Pink gets upset at the fact that Ruby has a date to the ball, as she was hoping that Ruby would be her date. Her reaction at discovering Ruby's boyfriend can be read as jealousy.
    • In episode 34, Ruby looks distressed when Pink is about to ring the Amore Bell (if you ring the bell with someone you love, you'll stay with them forever) with Gray.
    • In episode 36, Ruby sees Blue carrying Garnet and asks Pink to do the same with her while blushing.
  • In episode 12, there's the scene of Ruby taking Topaz' hands and Topaz leaning in to look at her face more closely. It Makes Sense in Context since Ruby is actually begging for her to make clothes for Pink and Topaz is determining whether she is worthy.
  • At the start of episode 33, Pink distracts Ruby by telling her that Opal is flying around "butt-naked". Ruby turns to look with stars in her eyes.
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  • In episode 38, Retsu receives "get hugged by Blue" coupons by mistake. "Now, Blue! Hug me as hard as you can!"
  • In episode 44, Kohaku pleads with Tour not to "partner" with Sapphie (whom Tour was trying to seduce), saying that Tour's real partner is him. Tour is moved, instantly drops his Latin Lover persona and holds hands with Kohaku while re-asserting their partnership.

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