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Series / Hotel (1983)

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Hotel is an American drama series that aired on ABC from September 21, 1983, to May 5, 1988. Based on a 1965 novel of the same name (which had already inspired a 1967 feature film), the series was produced by Aaron Spelling.

Rich aristocrat Victoria Cabot (Anne Baxter) runs the St. Gregory Hotel, assisted by general manager Peter McDermott (James Brolin) and assistant general manager Christine Francis (Connie Sellecca), the latter two who were romantically involved. Alongside an eclectic group of employees, they have to face the daily problems that come with the guests of the hotel.


This series features examples of:

  • Framed Face Opening: The series has two sets of framed face montages. The main cast roster is shown inside a large oval mirror, while the guest stars are presented over a framed glass window motif.
  • Professional Sex Ed: In one episode, a father firmly believes that his son needs this trope to become a man. Privately, his son confesses to a hotel employee that he isn't a virgin but doesn't want to tell the girl's name to his father out of respect for her. His father himself frequents prostitutes and asks one to help him out in this respect. However, his son runs out on the "date". The hooker then suggests someone more his age and sets up a "blind date". However, instead of the girl, his son ends up picking up another woman, who looks like a professional. Except she turns out to be an undercover cop, who busts him for solicitation. Whoops. In the end, the father finally accepts that his son is a man.