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1980-81 Game Show created by Sandy Frank Productions that expanded on the premise of its other music-based game show, Name That Tune. The show was hosted by Ron Ely of Tarzan fame. It was noted for its cheesy production elements, and it was not rare to see malfunctioning lights on-set or bloopers left in.

In the first round, contestants had to name tunes played by Tommy Oliver and his Orchestra (who also supplied said music on Tune), except they also had to identify the face of a famous figure who is related to the tune. The second and third rounds were essentially Name That Tune Plus; as the players guessed tunes in order to earn guesses to solve a main puzzle, whose clues were up to four songs.


A contestant was eliminated after the second and third rounds. The remaining player then earned the right to face the previous day's champion to win up to $10,000 by identifying a celebrity based on childhood pictures and songs that might be appropriate for said celebrity. Any contestant who won this game five days in a row was awarded a car; in Season 1, 10 consecutive wins retired the champion and earned him/her a trip around the world, later changed to a camping trailer late in the season, and the appearance limit was lifted for season 2.


Game Show Tropes in use:

  • Bonus Round: The Championship Game. A tune was played, after which the contestant who guessed it had 10 seconds to identify a celebrity based on their baby picture (or one from early childhood). If guessed correctly, the player won $10,000 (originally a prize package, changed to cash a few weeks in). If not, another tune was played and a more recent picture was revealed for $5,000 in prizes, with subsequent pictures being worth $1,000 less than the previous one (the last being a very recent picture of the celebrity). Whoever guessed the celebrity first returned the next day to play the Championship Game again.
  • Personnel:
    • The Announcer: Dave Williams for the first season, John Harlan for the second.
    • Game Show Host: Ron Ely.
    • Lovely Assistant: Lisa Donovan, who provided lyrics to some of the songs, similar to Kathie Lee Gifford (and later, Monica Burruss and Steve March) on Name That Tune. Unlike the former series, Donovan made no attempt to "la-la" the title.
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    • Studio Audience
    • Tommy Oliver and his Orchestra
  • Think Music: A very cheesy bit during the 10-second countdown in the Championship Game, made even worse in Season 2.

This show provides examples of:

  • Catchphrase: "I GOT IT!!!" whenever anyone buzzed in.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The pilot episode had four contestants competing in the first round (with presumably the lowest-scoring of the four eliminated after the "match the song to the picture" round). When the show made it to series, contestants were more subdued (e.g., no shouting "I GOT IT!") and the $10,000 was a prize package instead of cash. Additionally, the announcer sometimes plugged some of the prizes available prior to the final round.
  • Large Ham: Both Ron Ely and Dave Williams had their moments.
  • No Indoor Voice: "I GOT IT!"
  • Shout-Out: More than once, photos of Ely from his 1966-1968 NBC series Tarzan (which was, at the time, still seen in syndicated reruns) were used as clues.
  • Spin-Off: Expanded on the concept of Name That Tune.


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