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Run, Cándido, run!!

Doctor Cándido Pérez was an Argentinian comedy movie from 1962 about a male doctor specializing on female patients, whose wife keeps fearing her husband is fooling around with his patients (when in fact, he was very much in love only with her.) Of course, inevitably situations that caused her to doubt him would happen, and humorous trouble followed. It was adapted into a popular Mexican TV series which ran from 1987 to 1993.

A subplot involved Cándido trying to reconnect with his son, whose marriage the Doctor did not approve of.



Cándido Pérez (played by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo) was a Ladies' Man once, but had since married (and had two children with his first wife) but then divorced and married his current wife, and remained faithful to her despite many temptations. He had a habit of exaggerating his reactions whenever he found himself in a compromising situation.

Silvina Pérez (played by Nuria Bages) was his new wife, a loving and understanding woman who couldn't help going crazy with jealously on occasion, mostly thanks to her mother Catalina's poor advice.

Catalina (Alejandra Meyer): Silvina's mother and Cándido's mother-in-law. A bitter old woman (apparently because of her own husband's infidelity) she's convinced men can never be trusted and never misses a chance to make Silvina doubt Cándido.

Paula (Lupe Vázquez): Cándido's assistant nurse, as well as a gossip who tells his wife about anything suspicious the Doctor might be involved in (and thus often started the problems.)


Claudia (María Luisa Alcalá): The Pérez's maid, a clueless (but kind) small-town woman who often caused trouble unintentionally. possibly the most beloved character in the show, as she represented the uneducated (but honest) poor people of Mexico.

Inocencio: Cándido's son. As pig-headed as his father, which is why they were always at odds.

The show was taped in front of a live audience (that was sometimes visible.)

Tropes in Dr. Cándido Pérez: