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truTV Presents: Clipaholics: Top 20 Funniest Failures was one of many of truTV's efforts to rehash the popularity of its series, World's Dumbest... Although the former series' original premise was B and C-list celebrities and comedians commenting on police videos, surveillence footage, and other crimes in progress where the criminals would bungle their acts of crime, or (as the title suggest) just simply do something dumb, it later branched out into different clips, including some found on the internet through video sharing sites such as YouTube. Clipaholics was an expansion of that: each hour-long episode consisted of a countdown of the top 20 funniest failures found on the internet (and in many cases, used a lot of the same clips also featured on World's Dumbest...). Each of the clips in the countdown were narrated by Jason Alexander.


Clipaholics began airing in 2012, and so far - like many of truTV's rehashes of World's Dumbest... - lasted only one season.

The tropes begin now:

  • Crazy-Prepared: One clip shows Tokyo Police performing a practice drill in case of a disaster happening, and that disaster? A rhino is lose in the city. Not a real rhino, mind you, it's certainly just people dressed in a costume. Jason even points out the unlikelihood of such a thing happening.
    "To even get to Japan, an African Rhino would have to leave the Serengeti, steal a boat, row to India, scale the Himalayas, smash through the Great Wall of China, sneak past customs at the airport, fly to Japan, take the J-R line to Shinjuku, get off at the Shirokanedai Station, and then go berserk on the streets of Tokyo!"
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  • Lemony Narrator: Jason Alexander, in all his sarcastic glory.
  • Monster Roommate: Not so much a monster, but one clip features a pair of college roommates, one of whom is trying to get in some extra and much-needed sleep, while his roommate intentionally constantly annoys him with ridiculously stupid questions, such as, "Do you ever get homesick? Doooo yoooou?", "Do you ever wonder what your parents are doing to your room and stuff?", "Do you think pigeons have feelings?" and even singing really obnoxiously.
  • Mood Whiplash: An occasional segment on this show is, "Shock and Aww!!!", of which a collection of different clips would consistently switch back and forth between something utterly adorable - such as twin babies babbling to one another, or bunnies showing each other affection - and something completely shocking - and almost always includes explosions.
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  • Oblivious Janitor Cut: Not too oblvious, but the #1 clip of each countdown is presented by super-imposing a VHS clip art into the previous clips, making it seem as if the tape is being bounced from one location to another, until it finally lands with the janitor, usually interrupting whatever he's doing, such as the tape landing in his bowl of cereal as he eats, or he ends up sucking it up as he vaccuums, among other things, before putting it in a VCR to see what the #1 clip is.
  • Once an Episode: Usually half-way through the show, if a particular clip features a stunt, prank, or any activity that seems especially cool, humorous, or even fun, we're then treated to the segment, "Make Dave Do It", in which Dave the Office Intern (just about the only recurring character on this show) is either forced to give the stunt a try himself (almost always to his objections), or he'll attempt to pull the same kind of prank as seen in the clip, only to have it backfire on him.
  • Short-Runner: Lasted only one season, and eight episodes.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Hilariously done in a music video made specifically for the show: "A Great Skateboarding Video That Has Nothing To Do With Checking Out A Hot Girl, Ya!!!", which, of course, features a very scantily-clad girl learning how to skateboard.
  • Tears of Remorse: A clip features a girl trying to cook a crab dinner for her and her boyfriend. She freaks out, because the crabs are alive, and is afraid of them pinching her - she finally dumps the crabs into the boiling pot, but still freaks out, and begs her boyfriend to take over for her (which he simply keeps taping); finally, after she gets the lid on the pot, she starts crying when she realizes she pretty much just killed them.
  • Why Did It Have To Be a Cockroach?: As noted in the narration, four grown-ass men who share an apartment awake to come face to face with a monster. The four grown-ass men in question find a cockroach in their apartment... all four of them are terrified of the roach, and are all reduced to freaking out, babbling incoherently, running around in circles, and fidgeting because they're so scared. The roach is found in the corner of two walls and the ceiling, none of the men want to actually climb up to kill it, so they throw things at it or try to spray it, to no avail (one man even shrieks, "He ain't scared of us!"). When the roach starts scurrying, they still throw things at it, missing it by inches, until finally one of them knocks it down with a broom, causing them all to scatter. When the roach pops up on a window sill, one of them finally starts smashing it with a shoe. The men were even interviewed and confessed they're still terrified, because they know where there's one cockroach, there's many.

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