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Self Demonstrating / Sad Jordan

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Jordan? Jordan? Where's Jordan?

He must be somewhere in the basement. No one ever leaves the basement.

And that makes me sad. Can any of you help me with my depression? I'm depressed, and whenever I get depressed I go to Jordan and he plays a depressing video game.

Examples that make me sad.

  • Creepy Good: B-But Jordan wanted me to kill the evil half of his face! Honest!
  • The Eeyore: No I can't lighten up. Why don't you lighten up, huh?! I just want to be alone.
  • The Gadfly: I can always count on Jordan when I'm depressed, and I'm always depressed.
  • Literal Split Personality: I'm depressed. I'm depressed that Anxiety Jordan is a mess. I'm depressed that Evil Jordan had to die. I'm depressed that Skele-Jordan had to die again. I'm depressed that Caddicarus has a dog and that one day it will die. I'm depressed that Jordan was depressed when he was little and now we're all stuck in this basement. I don't think he likes me very much, and that makes me sad…
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  • Perpetual Frowner: I smile sometimes…
  • With Friends Like These...: I don't think Jordan likes me very much. Sometimes he would ignore me or tell me to go away, but then I had to get Mr. Whiskers. He's my friend, and he does bad things to people when he gets angry.
  • Your Mom: …touches upon dark subjects.


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