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Insert your sassy edits hereThe Roboutian Heresy's character page

    VII - Night Lords 

The legion as a whole

Konrad Curze. Primarch of the Night Lords

    XIV - Death Guard 

The legion as a whole


    XVI - Sons of Horus 

The legion as a whole

Horus Lupercal. The Warmaster. Primarch of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus

    XVII - Word Bearers 

The legion as a whole

  • Nay-Theist: Knowing of the existence of the Chaos Gods doesn’t stop the Word Bearers from actively despising them.

Lorgar Aurelian, Primarch of the Word Bearers

  • Big Damn Heroes: He Arrives in the Webway just in time to save Cypher from being killed and captured by Lion El’Jonson.

  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Thousands of years of battle against daemons in the warp have done nothing to diminish his conviction or belief in the Imperial Truth.

    XX Alpha Legion 

The legion as a whole

  • Right Hand vs. Left Hand: During the Heresy, the Alpha Legion split into hundreds of cells to operate against the traitor legions without tying too many agents on a single place. While most cells were reintroduced into the legion after the Heresy, some are operating with obsolete orders during M41.


Traitor Legions

    V - White Scars 

The legion as a whole

Jagatai Khan. Primarch of the White Scars

    VI - Space Wolves 

The legion as a whole

  • Arch-Enemy: To the Thousand Sons.

  • Anti-magical Faction: A few of them still retain their hatred for psykers, aiming to end them either through the use of Alien technology, or deluding themselves into believing that Fenris’s spirits still fuel their powers thousands of years after the destruction of the planet.

  • Spanner in the Works:

Leman Russ. Primarch of the Space Wolves

    VII - Imperial Fists 

The legion as a whole

  • Arch-Enemy: They hate Blood Angels with passion due to the events of the War of Woe, since both legions serve opposite gods, this was boing to happen.

  • Blood Knight: As part of their pact with Khorne, they’re obligated to give him adequate sacrifices of blood, those that can’t do it

  • Hate Plague:

Rogal Dorn. Primarch of the Iron Hands, Daemon Prince of Khorne

     IX - Blood Angels 

  • Arch-Enemy: They really do not get along with Imperial Fists because of them being aligned with opposing Chaos Gods.

  • {{I'm a Humanitarian}}: They are obsessed with the Thirst which drives them to consume the flesh and drink the blood of sapient creatures.

  • Psycho Party Member: They’re even less stable than other traitor Astartes.

Sanguinius. Primarch of the Blood Angels. Daemon Prince of Slaanesh



    X - Iron Hands 

The legion as a whole

Ferrus Manus. Primarch of the Iron Hands, Daemon Prince of Nurgle

  • Hold the Line: He kept the imperial forces away from the Cavea Ferrum while Guilliman, Dorn and Lion El'Jonson tried to kill the Emperor.
  • The Dragon: To Roboute Guilliman during the Heresy.

    XIII - Ultramarines 

The legion as a whole

  • Evil Feels Good: Ultramarines often commit atrocities because it pleases them.

  • Fallen Hero: Before Heresy, they were paragons among Astartes. Now they are devout worshippers of Dark Gods.

Roboute Guilliman. Primarch of the Ultramarines, Dark Master of Chaos

Aeonid Thiel. Lord of the Red Mark Marius Gage post-Heresy

  • Guile Hero: His unorthodox tactics

  • The Dreaded: Ten thousand years after the Heresy, his name is still cursed and dreaded among the Ultramarines. To the point where champions of the loyal legions wear red helmets specifically to anger the Ultramarines and honor his memory.


  • Dirty Coward: Exaggerated. The Defiant society treats the concept of cowardice as in insult of the highest order, to the point where Spensa’s father legacy as a coward is enough to stain Spensa’s reputation for most of her life.
The hades contingency

The Hades Contingency

United States of Japan (and Mecha Samurai Empire)Outside trope examples:

  • United States Of Japan features an Alternate History where the Axis powers won World War II. The United States is divided up and the west coast is part of Imperial Japan. The two cultures are blending together as the former Americans are adjusting to having Japanese rulers. Also, the "Pacific" metaculture is absorbing concepts from China (notably the pervasive references to I Ching) and other subjugated countries.

A series of dystopian science fiction about the history of

Ball lightningThe Three Body ProblemBroken Earth TrilogyRWBY Nightmare Fuel

    Possible examples of Nightmare Fuel from RWBY volume 7 

A Night Off

  • Tyrian gleefully massacring the trapped citizens at the rally after Watts turns off the lights, while the Huntsmen are unable to intervene due to the darkness and the panicked civilians blocking them. When the Happy Huntresses try to rally, he sneaks up on Fiona and cuts right through her Aura, nearly gutting her and only sparing Robyn because he needs her alive to frame Penny. Then the lights come back on, revealing a pile of corpses littered across the floor.


  • Ironwood gets his arm trapped in a Hard Light barrier by Watts, and when he tries to pull it out, the skin sizzles and burns clean off. Ironwood doesn't let it stop him though, and pulls the entire arm through the barrier, flaying the skin off his entire arm just to get at Watts. And while most of the actual flaying occurs offscreen, the result is shown in full detail.

  • The Seer Grimm bursting out of Watts' bag, curling in on itself, and dying, with the Grimm smoke swirling out into an image of Salem. She coolly explains that all the chaos in Mantle has been merely setting the stage for the final result, and that she is coming to Atlas personally to crush all that's left. When Ruby tries to stand up to her, Salem takes her happy memory of her mother smiling at her and distorts it into a painful one of her mother sadly slipping away (with a horrible screeching sound being used to indicate the manipulation), causing Ruby to lose control of her eyes and then collapse in tears.

  • After Salem's message concludes, Ironwood gets disturbingly calm, then announces his plan to have Winter claim the Maiden power by force and use the Staff to launch Atlas into the upper atmosphere. When Blake protests that he's leaving the thousands of people still trapped in Mantle to die, he calmly answers that yes, he is, with absolutely no remorse. And the Ace Ops all go along with it, with only Marrow showing any conflict.

  • During the entire volume we saw evidence of the flaws within Ironwood's methodology and the suffering it causes to the people of Mantle, as well as his trauma over the fall of Beacon. This episode brings both tendencies to a head, when a glass queen left by Cinder triggers Ironwood's trauma, swiftly destroying the all of the progress achieved during this volume and turning our heroes against each other.

With Friends Like These

  • Clover's death, being impaled by Tyrian usinng Qrow's sword, leaving Qrow to impotently watch as Clover bleeds out.

  • Cinder's entrance to the Winter Maiden's bedroom, with the lightning and sound framing her as something out of a slasher film as she throws a fireball at Winter.

The Enemy of Trust

  • The last time we saw Cinder's Grimm arm, it ended at the middle of her left bicep. Now, it's grown all the way up to her shoulder and exposed all the muscles in it. When Winter cuts it off, Cinder wails in shock....then starts screaming and flailing like a woman possessed while a new arm quickly and painfully emerges from the stump, all on its own.

  • Salem arriving amidst a storm she conjured with a fleet of flying Beringels and a flying whale Grimm the size of Atlas itself. Qrow was not kidding when he said that Salem would not be worried about the Atlesians' "little ships"....they have no chance against her Grimm, and they never did.

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