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Weirdies is a franchise of Roleplays created by reknowned deviantartists PuppyLuver and ZootyCutie. It boasts a multitude of characters from a multitude of different works. With a handful of regular characters such as Dimentio as well as Author Avatars Jess Paltrivel and Maddie Maddie Zocuté and a revolving cast of characters across multiple incarnations.

  • Weirdies - The One that started it all, Two internet artists go on wild and crazy adventures together with an ever-growing catalogue of friends.
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  • Pearl Weirdies - A Pokémon Journey begins for two familiarly named character
  • Hoenn Weirdies - Jess and Maddie's journey continues into the Hoenn region as they meet new friends(and new foes) on the way!
  • LeafGreen Weirdies - The story contines as Jess and Maddie travel to Kanto in search of new Pokémon. Along the way, they encounter two more Link Trainers and a dangerous group of no-good Pokémon thieves. Based on the events in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.
  • Crystal Weirdiesnote  - Jess and Maddie's Pokémon journey continues to the Johto region! Along the way, they uncover the mystery of the turquoise beast with a large crystal on its forehead and aim to defeat Team Rocket for the second time. Based on the events of Pokémon Crystal.
  • Brave Weirdies - Many years after Jess and Maddie's travels, their granddaughters (named in their memory) are on a journey of their own! However, they soon realize that the past has a way of catching up with the present, and discover the hidden power that had remained a family legend for decades...
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  • Weirdies Colosseum - In the unforgiving desert land of Orre, a former criminal does what he can to right his wrongs. Crimson Fyreblast, along with his Espeon and Umbreon and the help of Penny Crygor, will go to any length to rescue the Pokémon of Orre and bring down the Cipher Syndicate! Well known for being the only series in which Jess and Maddie are absent.
  • The Mole--Crooks Abound - 12 contestants. 11 innocent players. Two oddball hosts. A possible grand total of $500,000 USD. And one Mole.
  • Class of No Class - Jess is the new kid in town: Kaiki Town, to be exact. The new student as Paul Lawrence Zebediah Conway High School, she makes new friends... and one merciless enemy. A High School A.U. of the Original Weirdies continuity.


Weirdies provides examples of:

  • Aborted Arc: Some Weirdies Stories were scrapped before reaching production, see below for one such example.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters : The more things Jess and Maddie are exposed to, the bigger the pile of characters they have to pick from.
  • Original Generation: Jess and Maddie throw these among their cast of Characters.
  • Out of Focus: Although Zoot is among the Original Four, he has fallen into this as Maddie grew older and took more of the spotlight.
  • Power Copying: Another one of Jess' abilities, except this one in particular has leaked into a few of the roleplays in some way, shape or form.
  • Road Trip: One of the Arcs of the original roleplay is this. They were aiming to visit Route 66, but then Dimmy Stardust happened and blew the RV Gomez rented to Kingdom Come.


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