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We Could Be is a short-term murdergame in the style of Foolish Mortals and Airlocked, with a team mechanic twist.

The game started on July 7th, 2019 and is expected to run until August 18th, 2019.

The roleplay may be read on Dreamwidth here.

We Could Be provides examples of:

  • Badass Gay:
    • Soldier 76 canonically identifies as a gay man, and has fondly referred to his former boyfriend, Vincent.
    • Shiro has fought a lot of battles, leads Voltron back home... and was in a relationship with a man named Adam back home.
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  • Came Back Wrong: Shiro realizes this after Keith tells him the truth prior to the first trial.
  • Clones Are People, Too: Both 76 and Keith believe this of Shiro. Shiro isn't so sure.
  • Cloning Blues: Shiro worries constantly that he's only a replacement for "the real Shiro."
  • Curse That Cures: The real Takashi Shirogane was sick with an unspecified disease. Because this Shiro is a clone, and the Galra would want only the strongest weapon possible, he doesn't suffer from said disease.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Shiro has a complex about his prosthetic, which ties him directly—in multiple ways—to the Galra Empire. He hallucinates about Sendak reminding him of this during week three.
  • Declaration of Protection: During the first trial, when it becomes clear that Keith and Shiro are at their breaking points, 76 promises to look after whichever one survives. His last words to Keith are reinforcing this promise, and he keeps an eye on Shiro for the following weeks.
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  • Do Not Call Me "Paul": Inverted. Despite 76 originally introducing himself by his number from SEP, the twins make no hesitations to call him Jack, Jack Morrison, Mr. Morrison, or any variant thereof. While briefly effective to catch his attention with just how much they knew about him, he got used to it, and allows the rest of the group to use either designation - even insisting on 'Jack', if not 76.
  • Failure Knight: After Keith's death, Shiro suffers from this, and vows to Keith (and himself) to get as many people out as he can. This being a murdergame, well...
  • Gallows Humor: Shiro has an absolutely terrible sense of humor. Once mentioned to Crowley that his life was enough of a tragedy that he didn't need to see more tragedy on screen in the theater.
  • Genetic Memory: Shiro is a perfect clone, with all of the memories from his previous body.
  • Hidden Depths: 76 gradually reveals more of these as he gets more comfortable without wearing his mask and visor (conveniently missing), from talking about his past in Overwatch with Ray to playing the piano for Sophia.
  • Infant Immortality: Oh so averted. In fact, at least one person who can be considered a child dies in each case: Keith accidentally murders The Cat-Eyed Boy on a panicked reflex, Rebecca is executed after killing Izzy in self-defense, The Sunken, driving Clarissa’s body, leave a dying Sophia to turn into a zombie while Lust is killing Leo in another room, Maybeck lets Magnus kill him to try and Batman Gambit the game... by the time Endgame rolls around, no one still alive is under the age of 18.
  • Not So Stoic: Week Three's motive involved hallucinations, which, for Jack Morrison, were vague enemies around every corner. It stressed him enough that he had a flashback in the library after books fell on him, and in the midst of it, attacked Sophia and broke her arm. In the immediate fallout he was shaky and uncertain, needing help from the likes of Ultra Magnus and Artemis to stabilize himself. And while Sophia recovered thanks to a timely Biotic Canister regain, he locked himself in his room for the rest of the week until the hallucinations disappeared.
  • Old Soldier: 76 is the oldest human of the group, and comes from a world where he's still 'fighting' a war in the shadows.
  • Personal Horror: Shiro realizes that his headaches were the result of his actions not matching up to his memories of how Shiro would act.
  • Say My Name: Shiro yells Yang's name when he sees her punishment.
  • Self-Mutilation Demonstration: To test whether or not he has all of the enhancements SEP gave him, 76 cuts himself with Keith's knife. It's not a deep cut, but it's enough to show his self-healing is significantly reduced.
  • Shoot the Dog: 76 openly mentions the thought of taking advantage of how Rule Six allows you to bend the other rules, as proven by Shiro - and also brings up how this could very well be a suicide act.


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