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Long ago, the races of Drylla were at peace. Elves, kindred, halflings, and humans lived together peacefully as the gods roamed the land. Life flourished, and the lands were fertile. As the gods disappeared, life became wrought with destruction and devastation, destroying prosperity and the way of life known in the world. Now, the world is divided — the human Empire, with the largest army and the only arable lands; the Realm, giving the Elves beautiful forested lands; and the Guilds, a multicultural set of small sects controlling the volcanic islands. Mekaim, the home of the Gaeans, secluded from society for centuries. Left in their wake are kindred, halflings, and half-elves who fight for their rights and freedom under the thumbs of the Realm and Empire. War brews on the horizon, and with a strange sect who call themselves the Rhakoth and their adversaries, the Luna Sanguin, the world of Drylla may be in trouble — but not many are aware of just how much trouble they are in.


Hosted on Jcink Forum Hosting Services, Tales of Illyria is an original medievalesque fantasy roleplay, with various ties and nods to Namco's Tales series (with no relation to the Android game of the same name). Despite its relations to Namco's Tales series, as a roleplay it is an entirely original setting, keeping some common threads such as mana, gems that enhance a person's abilities, and artes. Many inspirations are drawn from a variety of sources, such as Greek or other mythologies, Final Fantasy, or other fantasy canons.

Has a Character Page, with various tropes associated with characters. Below are general tropes associated to factions and races as a whole, or the site's OOC community. Character page is not managed by the administration, but rather each character is managed by their individual owner(s).


  • Cloud Cuckooland: Generally, the entire chatbox is this. It will randomly change from uncommon IC interactions, to OOC interactions, and even muses severely abusing each other or their players. Most of the time, however, the fast-moving conversations will trample people, rather unintentionally.
  • Double Entendre: Not uncommon. An appropriate "lewd" sign is provided for usage as well.
  • Fantasy World Map: Designed in whole by the creator.
  • God Is Dead: Despite the fact that the gods created the races and the world itself, they disappeared (and are assumed dead) and destroyed the world's prosperity.
  • God in Human Form: The Rhakoth essentially serve as this, given they are each given a passive ability granted to them by their chosen deity specifically. Though they were once mortal (and still retain mortal bodies), they are in fact similar to a demigod.
    • Little Miss Almighty: Aysu Lunes, the Rhakoth of Water. Her deity is akin to that of the likes of Poseidon, yet she is an adorable little girl.
    • God Is Evil: Sayuri Takeru and Vladmir Lachkov, the Rhakoth of Frost and Darkness respectively, fit this trope. Vlad is more chaotic, while Sayuri is just a full-blown sociopathic snob. Not even her Rhakoth companions are spared.
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    • Heel–Face Turn: Each of the Rhakoth fit this, to some degree, save for Anathiel. Most have now realized that they were under the control of Uriel's influence and were not, in fact, listening to Morana. Now, however, it is a race against time to beat the inevitable fate of the world.
    • Light Is Not Good the God of Light, Uriel, is the one responsible for wanting to destroy the world. His Rhakoth, Anathiel, is in on this and supports it.
  • Jerkass Gods: Uriel, in a nutshell.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Despite a smaller number of players, the site is regularly over a total of 50 characters, and likely won't be dropping below that. The average member has approximately 4-5 characters.
  • Merchant City: Kaleliya, in the Sironian Empire, is most common for this, as it is considered a neutral ground for all parties despite its geographical location.
  • Non-Idle Rich: In the Sironian Empire, it is not uncommon for nobility to participate in the military, due to their society. However, that mostly just involves city guard duty.
  • Our Elves Are Better: While they host the traditional Elven race, there is also the Kindred race, which is often summarized as a cross between and elf and a vampire.
  • Running Gag: Various examples of this, listed in order of prominence.

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