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Roleplay / John Quest

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This is as normal as it's going to get.
You are John who is Tom's brother
You are one day in an office

please suggest an axtion
Opening lines of John Quest

John Quest is a spawn of another generic Ruby discussion thread which had gotten hijacked by Weaver; whom unexpectedly sets up a Ruby Quest mini-game starring Tom's twin brother, John, set in his office. The story quickly descends into complete insanity, becoming even more of a Mind Screw than the Ruby Quest even as it references the original quest.

Bad spelling, grammar, continuity, and strange occurrences abound as John goes through a not-so-normal workday, with cameos from the main Ruby Quest.

Tropes presented by this Gaiden Game

  • Anticlimax: BUTTAN PUSHED!! The air condition turns off...
  • Brick Joke: John shouts a stream of profanities into an intercom at one point, then eats said intercom. In the final stage of the main story, Tom attempts to use an intercom, not expecting a response...and is greeted with a sudden wave of obscenities, followed by a loud crunch.
  • Continuity Nod: There are multiple nods to Ruby Quest. John sees Ruby on the other side of his window, and he is shown as the face on the other side (who, in the main quest, turned out to be Filbert), his attempt to contact her with the ORB OF INFINITE PSYCHE cause her forehead to glow with power (where her Third Eye (that she didn't yet have in that image) was), Opal ends up looking like the Hound Zombie, he falls through the rift in the Brig, and when Tom turns on the intercom in the main quest, he hears John's profanities.
  • The Cameo: Ruby from Ruby Quest appears on the other side of John's window.
  • Character Title: Protagonist is John, quest is John Quest.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: John shouts obscenities into the intercom.
  • Homage: The game is essentially a spoof of the Fan Fic Half-Life: Full Life Consequencesnote .
  • Mistaken Identity: John is confused with his brother many times, by Weaver more than anyone else.
  • Railroading: Weaver suddenly changes John's size several times so the players cannot get what they want.
  • Rouge Angles of Satin: Several times.
  • Scoring Points: First,  second,  and finally.