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  • Barlowe's Guide To Extraterrestrials includes entries on the Riim and Ixtl.
  • The War Against the Chtorr. In A Season for Slaughter, a panther-like Animal Mecha probe called a prowler is described as making a coeurl sound, in a Shout-Out to the opening line: On and on Coeurl prowled.
  • Mughi from Dirty Pair is from a species called the Coeurl and has similar tentacles coming from its shoulders.
  • The Coeurl are a recurring monster in the Final Fantasy series.
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  • After Alien came out, Van Vogt sued 20th Century Fox for plagiarism, though the case was settled out of court. The writers denied any connection, and the xenomorph life cycle could well have been inspired by the spider wasp just like the Ixtl was.
  • The so-called salt vampire in "The Man Trap" might have been inspired by the Coeurl, which drains the body of potassium. It's quite likely the writers of Star Trek: The Original Series were influenced by the book or the original magazine stories as the vibe is quite similar — a military/scientific crew of Bold Explorers seeking out new life who have to deal with a Monster of the Week before moving on to the next adventure.
  • In the Star Trek: Enterprise Parody Fic "Farce Contact", Captain Archer was inspired to take his pet beagle Porthos on a mission of exploration because he'd read the book.

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