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Recap / Thunderbirds S 1 E 18 Cry Wolf

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The One with... the two kids.

Two boys in the Australian Outback, Tony and Bob, are playing their favourite game — International Rescue! And look at this — their dad just bought them a pair of real-live radios!

Unfortunately, Thunderbird 5 tracks all radio transmissions, and the kids' game is sufficiently convincing to send the Thunderbirds haring to their rescue. The boys are given a tour of the island and warned not to use their radios again. A news paper article about the whole thing attracts the attention of The Hood, who realizes the 'weather station' that Mr. Williams, the boys' dad, runs, is actually a top secret research center that has just received some photographs from a spy satellite. Hood lures the boys into a cave, which he blows shut behind them. The Hood's plan is to use the boys' absence to allow him to access to the photos. Alas, when the boys call for assistance, their distress call is dismissed by International Rescue. Will International Rescue recognise their mistake in time?


  • Abandoned Mine: Tony and Bob use one of these for their game. The Hood traps them inside it after acquiring the information he needs.
  • Chase Scene: Between The Hood in his car and Scott on his Hover Bike.
  • Crying Wolf: Naturally, although the boys didn't do it on purpose since they had no idea their radios could actually be picked up by International Rescue.
  • Forgot About His Powers: When Scott sees The Hood fleeing in his car, he gives chase on his hoverbike, apparently forgetting that he could intercept the Hood more easily if he quickly went back to Thunderbird 1 and used that to chase him.
  • Is This Thing Still On?: While Alan gives the two boys a tour around Tracy Island, he brags about his own role in piloting Thunderbird 3, and describes Scott (who always comes along as co-astronaut) as being merely his subordinate. Unfortunately for him, the intercom on the cart they are in is still on and Scott hears everything Alan says. However, he plays along and promptly starts addressing Alan as "sir". Although it also sounds like he's gently mocking Alan's attempt at authority...
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  • Would Hurt a Child: The Hood has absolutely no qualms about trapping two young boys in an old mine (and possibly killing them in the process) to get them out of the way.
  • You Have to Believe Me!: because of their fake call earlier, IR does not believe the Williams boys when they call for help while being in actual trouble. It's only after they receive another distress call from Mr. Williams' superior that they realize the boys are in real danger.

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