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Recap / 30 Rock S2 E11 "MILF Island"

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The TGS team is thrown into disarray when someone anonymously trash-talks Jack to the New York Post. Meanwhile, Pete gets his arm trapped in a vending machine.

This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Bad Liar: Kenneth is uncomfortable with lying, and is comically bad at it.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Tracy comes in asking Liz about something she said being in the paper. Liz (and everyone else) thinks he's referring to the comments about Jack, but he's actually referring to a Cathy strip. It turns out Liz did say "Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Ack!"
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  • Batman Gambit: Jack knows Liz well enough to know how to make her crack and admit to trashing him.
  • Bottle Episode: This episode takes place entirely in the offices and hallways of 30 Rock.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: The entire office, except for Liz, is riveted by MILF Island. Even Dick Cheney is a fan.
  • Elimination Catchphrase: MILF Island has one: an appropriately blunt "get off of MILF Island".
  • Freudian Excuse: Jack claims to have one as a result of a childhood stutter, although it's later revealed that he made it up.
  • Hope Spot: Pete makes a desperate effort to get unstuck from the vending machine by throwing items, like his shoes and wedding ring, at a nearby phone's keypad in order to call a random number. Improbably, it works...too bad that random number turned out to be Pete's own office.
  • I'm Not Here to Make Friends: Both Liz and a MILF Island contestant say this line at the same time.
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  • Lowest Common Denominator: In-universe, Liz calls MILF Island this, and not without reason. As a couple of cutaway gags show, however, TGS is just as guilty.
    Tracy: (as a scientist in a TGS sketch) Someone put too many farts in this engine! It's about to explode!
  • Manipulative Bastard: Jack made up a tragic backstory as a stutterer deemed a "class A moron" in order to guilt Liz into confessing.
  • One Steve Limit: Averted. The final two contestants on MILF Island are named Debra and Deborah, two variations of the same name. In this case, however, Deborah is pronounced as "duh-BOHR-uh".
  • Show Within a Show: The eponymous MILF Island, a riff on Survivor that was mentioned in a previous episode, is omnipresent here. The events of the episode frequently mirror the events of the MILF Island finale.
  • Something Only They Would Say: Jack knew that Liz was the anonymous source from the start due to the use of the word "poo".
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  • Speech Impediment: Jack claims to have had a debilitating stutter as a child, resulting in his being designated a "Class A Moron" and stuck in the special class. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that he never really had one.
  • Vengeful Vending Machine: Pete gets his arm stuck in one after he tries to steal a dangling snack, which keeps him incapacitated for the rest of the episode.

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