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Lucius Merryweather is a webcomic author. He (yes, he, despite his feminine user name) specializes in anime-style trope short stories as well as Anthropomorphic Personification of various tools, from internet browsers to video game platforms to various tools. Likewise, he's really into creepy and macabre stories, more often than not having a narrative start off with cute protagonists before spiraling into some rather dark tales. Heck, even some of his shorts have these undertones, so fair warning.

Being the brains behind the webcomic, Merry usually collaborates with other artists to paint his comics and ideas, most frequently Princess Hinghoi. He currently leads Merryweather Media, which covers his original and horror content, while the spin-off group Meme Girls! focuses on his meme and moe anthropomorphism content.

Beyond his webcomic work, he regularly writes and helps produce lore videos for various VTubers, including VShojo and hololive.

Available in Twitter, Webtoon and YouTube, where he also contacts indie Japanese voice actors to voice his comic dubs. He is also a Virtual YouTuber on Twitch.

Also has a Wolf-Girl VTuber cousin named Lumi, both of them are now part of the Virtual YouTuber group Astraline.

Comic Series

  • American Weeb In Japan: An Otaku becomes a Foreign Exchange Student in Japan.
  • My Succubus Girlfriend: As stated, a comic about a boy having to put up with a succubus who becomes infatuated with claiming his soul despite his resistance to her advances. Was acting forced to reboot after the original artist left the comic and he partnered with a new one, changing the style in the process.
  • I Made A Comic About Internet Explorer: His most known comic (alternatively known as Browser Waifu or Internet Explorer-chan), featuring an Anthropomorphic Personification of Internet Explorer as she ventures through the life of a web browser and having to content her homicidal rival Google Chrome.
  • Stalker x Stalker: Horror-romance of two Yandere and their love life, although it's mostly Romantic Comedy.
  • Clinic of Horrors: Horror-comedy of a nurse working in a clinic surrounded with Eldritch Abomination creatures, people, and situations that just wanted some treatments.
  • Crawling Dreams: An innocent goth girl, Nyarla, cluelessly lives her life in a Lovecraftian nightmare of a city. Luckily she's got her kitty Ghast to protect her!
  • Everywhere & Nowhere: A Time-Travelling Romance featuring two Shakespearean Side Characters. Illustrated by PeaCh.
  • Goth Girl & The Jock: A series centered around the unlikely romance between Tyler, a Jock, and Ophelia, a lonely goth girl.
    • Goth Boy & The Jock: A spin-off series which focuses on the relationship between a Jock named Thad and a sassy goth boy named Jasper.
  • Lovecraft Girls - or How To Prevent The Apocolypse: A series centered around monsters by H. P. Lovecraft as women.
  • Fox Girls Are Better: An ordinary otaku guy accidentally ordered a fox girl to stay at his apartment. Hilarity ensues and crazy things start to happen to the guy. Characters and concept originate from Lost Pause.
  • Meme Girls: Probably Merryweathery's best known work outside of Internet Explorer, a series of one-shots featuring various memes turned into anime girls. Illustrated by Princess Hinghoi. Originally part of I Made A Comic About Internet Explorer, it eventually branched into its own thing. (Aside of the video game consoles below, there's also websites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc turned into girls...)
  • Minecraft Anime/Creeper-chan: Based on the creeper of Minecraft fame, except it's a Gender Flip Anthropomorphic Personification.
  • The Empty World: A webcomic starring Merry's Author Avatar who desperately tries to come up with a story he can exist in.
  • My Incubus Boyfriend: A male demonic incubus was summoned to be a boyfriend by a lonely girl who has been thoroughly bullied/abused by every other people she came across (from her own family to her classmates). May get a little depressing due to the bullying theme. Gender-Inverted version of My Succubus Girlfriend, although it actually manages to be noticeably different in tone.
  • Magickology: Merryweatherey's own take of the Harry Potter verse, featuring two rivaling magician girls
  • Vampire Gamer: Simple little comic about a Friendly Neighborhood Vampire who's into gaming.
  • Winter Moon: Risa, a seductive priestess, meets Florence, a homosexual wizard in an MMORPG. Hilarity ensues.
  • Demon King GF: Alvida the Demon King accepts a marriage proposal from the Hero of the Human Kingdom for the sole purpose of ending him when they were alone together. She ends up falling in love with him for real. Illustrated by PeaCh.
  • Succubus x Delinquent: Centers around Satan's daughter after he kicked her out of hell for being a lazy brat and forcing her to do her job as a succubus to corrupt human souls, and meets the titular delinquent in police station lock up after she was Mistaken for Prostitute and he got into a fight with some bullies. Illustrated by PeaCh.
  • Conspiracy Research Club: Although not in his linktree, he's the writer behind Conspiracy Research Club or, he was, up until chapter 14. It's not super clear.

Mini Series

  • A City Called Nowhere: A Nightmare Fuel-worthy comic about a girl who lives in a city where strange things happen and what to do when said things happen.
  • MMORPG: Various one-shots where Merryweatherey lampoons many MMORPG game tropes.
  • Virgin vs Chad: A fledging comic adaptation of the Virgin vs. Chad meme. Chad Thundercock is the super popular, muscular guy that gets all the girls, and our protagonist Virgin is really jealous at him despite some girls trying to befriend him. But is that really the case?
  • Pokémon Comics: Short comics in regards of Pokémon Sword and Shield, but especially putting emphasis of the meme 'Scottish Female Pokémon Trainer' that spawns from the game.
  • Chronicles of Deathslayer: An attempt of one-shot comic longer than the usual mini-comics of Merry. Combining Shonen genre and a reversal of Isekai genre; it's a story of a gamer who played an MMORPG with the in-game nickname 'Deathslayer', who has grinded to the maximum level, but felt a little burned on the game. While taking a walk, he's in for a surprise when another player in her own avatar appeared along with a monster trying to kill him (when he's not being the invincible Deathslayer), apparently their worlds has merged. The player must come to terms with how it's happening and that he can still call upon the power of Deathslayer to at least save himself.
  • Digital Love Story: Alan Dorsey is an obese and unremarkable office drone with no real social life outside of work. To escape this toiling existence, he has sunk hundreds of hours into an MMO under the pseudonym of Alister, including being in an in-game relationship with fellow player Lana. But things get complicated when Lana arranges for them to meet up IRL.
  • Tomboy GF: A comic about a girl with abs who loves to exercise and her round boyfriend who's more of a lazy bum and likes girls with huge abs.

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