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Recap / The Twilight Zone (2002)

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This is the page for recapping episodes for the 2002 UPN revival of "The Twilight Zone".

The majority of the episodes originally aired in pairs of two.

Spoilers Ahead!!! All spoilers for each episode are unmarked.

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     Season One 
  1. Evergreen / One Night At Mercy: A rebellious teen learns her new gated community has a dark secret; A doctor's patient claims to be Death.
  2. Shades Of Guilt / Dream Lover: After refusing to help save a black man from racist thugs, a white man suddenly turns into a black man and suffers the same prejudice; A comic book artist brings his dream girl to life.
  3. Cradle Of Darkness / Night Route: A woman travels back in time and tries to kill Adolf Hitler as a baby; After almost getting hit by a car, a woman is followed by a bus everywhere she goes.
  4. Time Lapse / Dead Man's Eyes: A man regularly suffers blackouts and becomes horrified when he thinks his body is trying to assassinate the President's daughter; A widow sees events from her husband's life when she looks through his glasses, and tries to use this to solve his murder.
  5. The Pool Guy / Azoth The Avenger Is A Friend Of Mine: A pool cleaner has recurring nightmares of a man murdering him; A bullied boy brings his favorite comic book hero to life.
  6. The Lineman (two-parter): After being struck by lightning, a man develops telepathy.
  7. Harsh Mistress / Upgrade: A struggling musician acquires a guitar with a dark secret; A housewife wishes for a better life, and finds it coming true in a way she didn't want.
  8. To Protect And Serve / Chosen: An idealistic cop tries to save a prostitute from her abusive pimp; A man repeatedly refuses to receive two missionaries as people start to disappear.
  9. Sensuous Cindy / Hunted: A man cheats on his fiancé with a virtual reality woman, but the virtual woman turns Yandere; A futuristic society is regularly raided by a savage creature, so a hunting party is formed to hunt it down.
  10. Mr. Motivation / Sanctuary: A doll comes to life and encourages a timid man to stand up to his boss and take control of his life; A man and woman become stranded in a setting similar to the Garden of Eden.
  11. Future Trade / Found And Lost: A man trades his future with a rich man who has a Trophy Wife; A man gets a chance to go back in time and get a second chance with a woman he loved.
  12. Gabe's Story / Last Lap: An unlucky man gets a chance to change his destiny; A terminally ill man and his friend take one last ride in their race car.
  13. The Path / Fair Warning: A woman bases all her decisions on a fortune teller's advice; A woman is regularly warned by a man that he plans to hurt her.
  14. Another Life / Rewind: A millionaire rapper has repeated nightmares of being interrogated by the police, who accuse him of being a Cop Killer; A compulsive gambler gets a device that can rewind time and tries to use it to win big at the casino.
  15. Tagged / Into The Light: A man finds a mural transforming to match a crime he committed; A teacher gains the ability to predict when people will die.
  16. It's Still A Good Life / The Monsters Are On Maple Street: About 40 years after the events of "It's A Good Life", the now grown up Anthony Fremont is still terrorizing the town with his Reality Warper powers, but the people find hope when they discover his daughter has the same powers; When strange things start happening, a neighborhood accuses the new neighbors of being terrorists.
  17. Memphis / How Much Do You Love Your Kid?: A man who is dying of a brain tumor suddenly finds himself in Memphis, Tennessee on the day Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated; A child is kidnapped and his mother must compete on a twisted game show to save him.
  18. The Placebo Effect / Cold Fusion: A hypochondriac somehow brings a fictional disease to life and starts an epidemic; A physicist is ordered by the government to go to an Arctic lab and help work on an infinite power source.
  19. The Pharaoh's Curse / The Collection: An aspiring magician asks an old legendary magician to teach him his greatest trick; A babysitter suspects her client's dolls are alive.
  20. Eye Of The Beholder / Developing: A woman undergoes surgery to try to correct her ugliness; A photographer finds her deceased lover appearing in her photos.
  21. The Executions Of Grady Finch / Homecoming: A man on death row insists he is innocent, and his executions keep failing; A soldier comes home and tries to make amends with his son.
  22. Sunrise / Burned: Five college students desecrate an Aztec burial site, and the sun instantly goes out; A man is haunted by the ghosts of children killed by an act of arson he caused in the past.


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