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Fridge / The Twilight Zone (2002)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • This troper saw "It's Still A Good Life", and was initially confused by the behavior of Anthony's daughter, Audry. After a bit of thought though, her behavior suddenly made perfect sense. Throughout the episode, we see that Audry is the only one not afraid of Anthony and is able to subtly manipulate him (as shown when she keeps him from hurting someone in the bowling alley). In the episode's climax, she was put in a difficult position - she can defend her friends and grandmother and let loose her anger towards her father and punish him, but she also does still love her father and doesn't really want to hurt him. She knows that she can both send things to and bring them back from the cornfield. So she pitches a fit and pretends to side with him and sends everyone away, to show him the error of his ways. Anthony is clearly lonely and a bit afraid after she leaves them alone in the town, and as soon as he tells her as much, she brings everything back and convinces him to travel to New York. It was a clever plan that let him know the error of his ways without having to attack anyone permanently.
  • In "The Collection," several YouTube comments point out that Danielle's parents never seem to notice the ever-growing doll collection, and how there's a new toy whenever they leave their daughter with a babysitter. A case of the Idiot Ball? Maybe...but it's more likely symbolic of how they pay absolutely no attention to her, which is why Danielle keeps inadvertently transforming the sitters into dolls in the first place.
    • Similarly, early in the episode, Danielle gives a speech that reveals that she keeps the dolls/transformed babysitters under lock and key at all times not to be mean, but because she loves them so much that she wants to keep them safe from anything that could hurt them. The first thing we see Danielle's mother do is hand Miranda, the newest babysitter, a giant binder that lists every single detail of her daughter's life, down to what she can eat and watch on TV. This, coupled with the fact that Danielle ends the episode by "grounding" the dolls using the same speech that her mother just gave her as a punishment, implies that she's just mimicking her mother's own controlling behavior, and has no idea how to actually take care of and love other people.
  • In "How Much Do You Love Your Kid?", one of Donna's questions is "name something other than water that tasted the same 3000 years ago." She becomes distraught and doesn't actually answer the question. Honey is a possible answer, as it never spoils and has even been found in Egyptian tombs. And what's a word that can be used to call a spouse? "Honey." The clue would have revealed that her husband was the kidnapper.
Fridge Horror

  • In "It's Still a Good Life", Anthony is able to manipulate the entire town to do as he wishes. They're all afraid of him and try to hide their hatred of him. But he was married and had a child before he sent his wife away.
    • Then you realize, to find a wife Anthony had to date. Date someone who could erase you from existence if you do anything wrong.
      • Anthony went through puberty. He was horrifying enough as a Creepy Child and as a Psychopathic Man Child. Imagine what he was like as a teenager. And as mentioned above, a teenager starting to notice girls.


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