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Recap / The Twilight Zone (1985)

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     Season 1 
  1. Shatterday / A Little Peace And Quiet: A man accidentally dials his home phone number and is shocked when it is answered by a doppelganger of himself; A housewife discovers an amulet that can freeze time.
  2. Wordplay / Dreams For Sale / Chameleon: An overworked businessman hears everyone speak in gibberish; At a picnic, a woman finds events repeating themselves; A group at NASA encounters an alien that can absorb matter and shape-shift.
  3. Healer / Children's Zoo / Kentucky Rye: A burglar steals a Native American artifact with healing powers; A girl brings her bickering parents to the Children's Zoo; An alcoholic is sold a roadside inn called Kentucky Rye for a low price.
  4. Little Boy Lost / Wish Bank / Nightcrawlers: A photographer contemplating marrying her boyfriend or taking a prestigious job meets a young boy who seems familiar; A woman goes to a special bank and tries to cash in three wishes; A Vietnam veteran who fears falling asleep confides his nightmares to the folks at a diner.
  5. If She Dies / Ye Gods: A man helps the ghost of a little girl, believing this will help his own daughter recover from her coma; After a man angers Cupid, the man decides to help Cupid with his own relationship problems.
  6. Examination Day / A Message From Charity: A young boy must take a government mandated intelligence test; A teenage boy finds himself in telepathic contact with a teenage girl from 1700.
  7. Teacher's Aide / Paladin of the Lost Hour: A teacher at a school full of gang members and delinquents is possessed by a gargoyle and gains enhanced strength and aggression; A Vietnam vet befriends a mysterious man who carries a pocket watch that contains the Lost Hour.
  8. Act Break / The Burning Man / Dealer's Choice: A playwright gains an artifact that will grant one wish per user; A woman and her nephew pick up a hitchhiker who claims the ultimate evil is upon them; A group of friends' poker game is joined by the Devil.
  9. Dead Woman's Shoes / Wong's Lost and Found Emporium: A woman puts on a pair of shoes and gets possessed by their original owner; Two people search for a mysterious shop that holds the secret to regaining their lost emotions.
  10. The Shadow Man / The Uncle Devil Show / Opening Day: The Shadow Man, who regularly attacks people, takes shelter under a boy's bed and promises not to hurt him; A boy is taught magic tricks by a strange TV show; A woman and her lover plot to murder her husband during a duck hunt.
  11. The Beacon / One Life, Furnished In Early Poverty: A man stumbles onto a town where the inhabitants fear and worship a lighthouse; A depressed man is transported to the past and meets his child self and his father.
  12. Her Pilgrim Soul / I of Newton: Two scientists create a hologram of a woman who is sentient; A professor attempting to solve a difficult math problem finds himself matching wits with a demon.
  13. Night of the Meek / But Can She Type? / The Star: A drunk Mall Santa discovers a bag that produces any present asked of it; An overworked, underappreciated secretary enters a parallel world where secretaries are treated like celebrities; On a space exploration, a doctor and a priest discover a long dead world that had been emitting a signal for eons.
  14. Still Life / The Little People of Killany Woods / The Misfortune Cookie: A photographer finds an old camera with images from a lost expedition; The town drunk claims he met little people in the woods; A food critic receives fortune cookie messages that come true.
  15. Monsters! / A Small Talent for War / A Matter of Minutes: A boy suspects his new neighbor is a vampire; An alien race who claims to have created humanity arrives to judge humanity's progress; A couple awakens to see reality being taken apart and reconstructed around them.
  16. The Elevator / To See the Invisible Man / Tooth and Consequences: Two brothers search for their father and find a factory full of dead, giant animals; A rude man is arrested and sentenced to a year of being "invisible", where everyone will completely ignore him; The Tooth Fairy decides to grant a dentist a wish.
  17. Welcome to Winfield / Quarantine: Two people fleeing from the Agent of Death hide in an old west town; A weapons designer is cryogenically frozen and is awoken 300 years later.
  18. Gramma / Personal Demons / Cold Reading: A young boy believes his grandmother is really a monster; A writer is tormented by a group of small creatures; The folks at a radio show find that anything they describe comes true.
  19. The Leprechaun Artist / Dead Run: Three boys capture a leprechaun and force him to grant their wishes; A trucker is given a job to deliver souls to hell.
  20. Profile in Silver / Button, Button: A man travels back in time and stops President John F. Kennedy's assassination, unprepared for the consequences; A stranger offers a poor couple a box with a button on it. If they press it, they will receive a lot of money, but someone they don't know will die.
  21. Need to Know / Red Snow: A government agent investigates an outbreak of insanity in a small town; A KGB colonel investigates a series of deaths in a Siberian town.
  22. Take My Life... Please! / Devil's Alphabet / The Library: A comedian pays a price for stealing another comedian's material; In Victorian England, a group of friends is haunted by an oath they took when they were young; A woman is hired by a library with books that document people's lives.
  23. Shadow Play / Grace Note: A man on death row claims everything is just his dream and will disappear if he is killed; An aspiring opera star gets a glimpse of her future.
  24. A Day in Beaumont / The Last Defender of Camelot: A couple witnesses a flying saucer and an alien invasion; In modern England, Morgan le Fay tries to prevent the return of Merlin.

     Season 2 
  1. The Once and Future King / A Saucer of Loneliness: An Elvis Impersonator travels back in time and meets the real Elvis Presley; A flying saucer gives a woman a message, and soon everybody wants to know what she was told, while she insists the message was private.
  2. What Are Friends For? / Aqua Vita: A boy's imaginary friend turns out to be quite real; A woman discovers a method for eternal youth, but it has a steep price.
  3. The Storyteller / Nightsong: A boy claims he keeps his grandfather alive with stories; A DJ's lover returns after he disappeared five years ago.
  4. The After Hours / Lost and Found / The World Next Door: A woman at the mall is pursued by mysterious strangers; A woman's possessions keep disappearing; A man finds a door to a parallel universe.
  5. The Toys of Caliban: A mentally handicapped boy has strange powers.
  6. The Convict's Piano: In prison, a wrongly convicted convict finds a piano with special powers.
  7. The Road Less Traveled: A draft-dodger is haunted by a doppelganger of himself in a wheelchair.
  8. The Card / The Junction: A compulsive shopper gets a new credit card with terrible consequences for not paying on time; A man is trapped in a collapsed mine and meets a man who claims to be from 1912.
  9. Joy Ride / Shelter Skelter / Private Channel: Four friends steal a car, but the one driving becomes possessed by the original owner; A survivalist and his friend hide in his bomb shelter after a nuclear explosion; On an airplane, a teen discovers his walkman lets him read minds.
  10. Time and Teresa Golowitz / Voices in the Earth: A composer makes a deal with the Prince of Darkness to go back in time to meet his high school crush again; A space expedition returns to Earth and finds it a barren wasteland.
  11. Song of the Younger World / The Girl I Married: A boy and a girl have an affair but her father does not approve and threatens to kill him. The girl has a plan so they can escape and be together; A dissatisfied couple encounters younger versions of themselves.

     Season 3 
  1. The Curious Case of Edgar Witherspoon: An old man collects random junk and claims it is needed to keep the world in order.
  2. Extra Innings: A crippled former baseball player finds a baseball card that lets him take on the persona of the character on it.
  3. The Crossing: A priest keeps seeing visions of a car accident that kills a young girl.
  4. The Hunters: After a cave with drawings is discovered, an archeologist studies the drawings, but strange things start happening.
  5. Dream Me a Life: In a retirement home, a man finds himself entering the dreams of a woman who is desperately holding back something from coming through a door.
  6. Memories: A hypnotist helps people remember their past lives.
  7. The Hellgramite Method: An alcoholic tries out a painful and potentially deadly method to cure his addiction.
  8. Our Selena Is Dying: A woman and her dying mother swap bodies.
  9. The Call: A lonely man dials a wrong number and begins to fall in love with the woman who answers.
  10. The Trance: A con artist who pretends to channel spirits gets possessed by a real spirit.
  11. Acts of Terror: A woman with an abusive husband is protected by a dog.
  12. 20/20 Vision: A loan officer cracks his glasses and finds he can see the future of his customers in them.
  13. There Was An Old Woman: A cynical children's book writer finds herself haunted by children.
  14. The Trunk: A man finds a trunk that can produce any item asked of it.
  15. Appointment on Route 17: After receiving a heart transplant, a man finds his personality changing and himself attracted to a waitress.
  16. The Cold Equations: A pilot trying to deliver a vaccine to a space colony must make a difficult choice when he discovers a stowaway.
  17. Stranger in Possum Meadows: A young boy meets a strange man who seems to not know how common things work.
  18. Street of Shadows: A poor man explores a rich neighborhood and experiences an unusual transformation.
  19. Something in the Walls: A woman is terrified of seeing anything with patterns on it.
  20. A Game of Pool: A billiards champion is challenged to a game by the ghost of a previous champion.
  21. Room 2426: In a totalitarian state, a man is imprisoned and interrogated about a formula he developed.
  22. The Mind of Simon Foster: A man sells his own memories at a pawn shop.
  23. The Wall: A military experiment sends a solider to an idyllic world.
  24. Cat and Mouse: A woman falls for a man who is cursed to become a cat during the day.
  25. Rendezvous in a Dark Place: An old woman is obsessed with Death and tries to meet him.
  26. Many, Many Monkeys: Everyone is going blind.
  27. Love is Blind: A man plotting to murder his wife's lover meets a blind singer who seems to know all about his plans.
  28. Crazy as a Soup Sandwich: A man who sold his soul to a demon in exchange for winning bets on horse races begs a mob boss whom he owes money to help him when the demon attempts to collect.
  29. Special Service: A man discovers his life is a TV show.
  30. Father and Son Game: An elderly man goes to extreme lengths to stay alive while his resentful son wants him to die so he can inherit his company.


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