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Heartwarming / The Twilight Zone (2002)

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  • "Homecoming" is a wonderful story about a missing soldier who comes back from the dead to indulge his son, a rebel teenager with no future, into being a better man.
  • "One Night at Mercy" has a doctor meeting with Death (who is a rather kindly person). While the doctor does not believe that the man is Death and thus ignores Death's proclamation that he will give up killing people, it soon becomes apparent that the patients in the hospital the doctor works at are not dying when they ought to be. The doctor ends up finding Death and asking him to go back to his job, because there are patients suffering from severe burns and can't find relief through death. After Death agrees to go back on the job (even though it saddens him greatly), the doctor suffers a very painful headache. Death helps him sit down, comforts him, and then reveals that the doctor just died of an aneurysm. While the doctor is obviously not happy he just died and Death admits to being tempted to just letting him go back to being alive, both agree that it's best to not mess with the way things ought to be and Death peacefully leads him to the afterlife.
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  • While it eventually is spoiled, in "Sanctuary", it is very sweet when the man and the woman find the modern-day Eden and begin to take joy in the natural pleasures of life.
  • In "Memphis", a man named Ray finds that he has a lethal brain tumor and probably can't afford the only specialist who can operate to remove it. After being hit by a car, he finds himself back in 1968. While there, he eventually finds himself torn between saving MLK-Jr. from being assassinated and saving the life of the young son of a woman who took Ray in when he woke up in the past from being hit by a car. Ultimately, Ray chooses to save the woman's son, getting hit by the car—when Ray wakes up back in the present, it turns out that the boy Ray saved in the past ultimately grew up to be the same specialist that Ray previously couldn't afford. Not only that, the boy (now the specialist) is revealed to have recently started a special program for people like Ray who need treatments like the one Ray needs but are unable to afford them. (Dr.) Lucas Tyler, the boy who Ray saved in the past, soon comes in and tells Ray that everything to do with his operation will be taken care thanks to his program and tells him to just focus on getting better.
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  • "Azoth the Avenger is a Friend of Mine": A boy learns to stand up to his abusive father with the help of a favorite fictional character come to life...
  • At the end of "Mr. Motivation," Charlie gets his abusive boss's job, but berates another worker just as he had been. When he gets to his office, Mr. Motivation rebukes him for talking like that, causing Charlie to call the worker and telling him to forget what he said and commends him for doing a good job.


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