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Recap / The Nostalgia Critic S 10 E 8

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Release date: April 18, 2017

Film: Clockstoppers

Tagline: Time stands still in this early 2000 time capsule. Is it as bad as so many people let on though?


  • Cliché Storm: In-Universe, the Critic pokes fun of all The '90s pop references in the film, even putting up a "9deez Slow Death Count" for each instance.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Tamara and Malcolm ask if they're not needed for the review. The Critic says he did have an idea where they try to get out of it, though he assumes rightly so that the moment he looks up, they're gone for the week, and he's right.
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  • So Okay, It's Average: The Critic's final In-Universe opinion on the film, so much so he admits there's little to be angry about it.
  • Spy Fiction: The review begins with the Critic discussing the flourishing of this genre during the early 2000s, putting up such examples as Spy Kids, G-Force, I Spy, Agent Cody Banks, Totally Spies!, The Tuxedo and Johnny English.
  • Take That!:
    • After Francesca splashes soda at a bully in the film, a title card pops up reading "Kendall Jenner-Approved!" accompanied with a still from her rather controversial and near-universally panned Pepsi commercial that aired a few weeks before the episode aired.note 
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    • When the Critic tries to think of something to be angry about before the review ends, he remembers The Last Airbender.

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