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Recap / The Big Bang Theory S 6 E 17 The Monster Isolation

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When Raj's date sneaks out on him, he falls apart and decides to never leave his apartment again. Meanwhile, Sheldon owes Penny one after she helps him out with "Fun With Flags".


  • Bathroom Breakout: During her first date with Raj, Lucy excuses herself to go to the bathroom. While Raj congratulates himself on how great the date is going, Lucy is seen running away outside the window.
  • Broken Bird: Lucy admits that she has anxiety issues, which is why she ran out on Raj. She even calls herself "broken". Raj explains that he's "broken" too.
  • Dung Fu: The reason Amy is no longer running her monkey nicotine addiction study.
    Amy: You can get animals addicted to a harmful substance, you can dissect their brains, but you throw their own feces back at them, and suddenly you're unprofessional.
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  • Just Here for Godzilla: In-Universe, Sheldon only goes to see Penny in A Streetcar Named Desire because it had streetcar in the title.
  • My Significance Sense Is Tingling: Howard goes to Raj's apartment because he somehow sensed he wasn't well. Sure enough, Raj was dejected because Lucy ran out on him.
  • The Shut-In: Raj becomes one after being left by Lucy, staying in his apartment and ordering lobster from Amazon.
    Raj: From now on, I'm a monk. I renounce all worldly pleasures. Except for lobster. And garlic butter.

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