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Recap / Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Christophsis Arc

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Warning! This story arc recap page contains unmarked spoilers! Read at your own peril!

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Plot summary

Breaking the Blockade

On the surface of Christophsis, Senator Bail Organa conferences via hologram with Anakin Skywalker and Admiral Wullf Yularen on-board the Star Destroyer Resolute. Separatist forces are on the verge of overrunning his position and his resources (food, water, and munitions) have all but run out. Unfortunately, the hologram is cut off while Anakin and Yularen desperately try to salvage their own losing battle against the Separatist blockade around Christophsis. The enemy flagship Invincible defeats the Republic fleet: the Separatist commander Admiral Trench concentrates his fire on the smaller Republic supply ships. As Anakin prepares to launch a full attack on the enemy flagship, another Republic Jedi cruiser called the Negotiator that is commanded by Obi-Wan Kenobi emerges from hyperspace. At the insistence of Obi-Wan (saying that he has a new toy) and Yularen, Anakin reluctantly orders a retreat to behind Christophsis' moon. Trench allows them to go, surmising that they will be back.

Crossing over to Obi-Wan's cruiser, Anakin discovers that his Master has brought a new weapon with him: a heavily armed stealth ship equipped with a powerful cloaking device. Obi-Wan insists that his new mission is not to engage the Separatist fleet; instead Anakin is to use the stealth ship to sneak through the blockade and deliver supplies to Bail on the planet. Meanwhile, Admiral Yularen does some research of his own and notices something on the enemy flagship: a strange emblem that he recognizes in horror. Catching up with Anakin as the Jedi is about to depart, Yularen explains that the symbol is the personal crest of the infamous Admiral Trench. Anakin is surprised since history tells Trench perished at the Battle of Malastare Narrows. Yularen, who fought at the battle, relates the known facts: Trench had been in command of a corporate fleet blockading Malastare and his tactics had been deadly enough to thwart the Republic fleet sent against him; Yularen comments that he lost many good men and the Republic fleet barely managed to survive. Only when a Jedi-led task force arrived did the tide of battle turn. It was assumed that Trench went down with his ship, but the tactics used in the earlier battle and the appearance of Trench's symbol makes Yularen believe his old enemy has returned.

Undeterred, Anakin takes off with the stealth ship while being accompanied by Yularen as a volunteer. Meanwhile, Trench, uneasy that the Republic fleet, has not resumed its attack and learns that there are still pockets of resistance holding out on Christophsis before dispatching several Hyena-class bombers to the planet surface in the hope of luring out the Fleet. Narrowly avoiding a collision with the bombers and after receiving a message from Obi-Wan regarding Bail's peril, Anakin decides to attack Trench's ship since he sees it as the only chance of helping the Senator and keeping Trench's attention on them than the planet. De-cloaking to attack, the stealth ship fires torpedoes, only for them to explode harmlessly against the Invincible's shields. However, the stealth ship manages to re-cloak before Trench could counter-attack. Trench orders a barrage of laser fire, but Anakin skillfully avoids it. Trench's tactical droid tells him that they missed, but Trench states that they have learned that a Jedi is the pilot, since no clone trooper is skilled enough to avoid that many lasers. Trench sends out an open broadcast and commends Anakin's bravery and daring, but he warns Anakin that he has faced and beaten ships armed with cloaking devices before and that unless they retreat, he will destroy them as well and that Christophsis and their resources will soon join the Separatist Alliance.

Anakin contacts Obi-Wan, who explains that Trench's war record confirms his threat since he has defeated ships with cloaking devices before, but mostly in cruiser to cruiser engagements. In all previous cases, Trench used tracking torpedoes to destroy the enemy whether or not their ship was cloaked. Since none of the ships Trench has faced before were as small as the stealth ship (as ships this small don't usually have a cloaking device), Anakin guesses that Trench locks the torpedoes onto an enemy ship's magnetic signature. On board the Invincible, Trench's tactical droid calculates that the Jedi will not turn back as the admiral suggested. Trench agrees, stating that a stealth ship could have slipped past the blockade, but this Jedi chose to attack instead. Sensing a way to use this against him, Anakin attacks again; the stealth ship's torpedoes are again ineffective, but Trench is able to lock onto the stealth ship's magnetic signature and fires tracking torpedoes, despite his tactical droid's warning that doing so requires them to lower the ship's shields.

With the torpedoes behind them, Anakin flies straight at the Invincible. Realizing his mistake too late, Trench orders the shields be raised, but they are still recharging. As Trench watches in horror, Anakin flies the stealth ship past inches from the Invincible's bridge. Accepting defeat, Trench closes his eyes and awaits his fate. Seconds later, the tracking torpedoes slam into the bridge, destroying the Invincible.

With Trench destroyed, Obi-Wan and Clone Commander Cody launch a new attack on the leaderless Separatist fleet while Anakin and Yularen pilot the stealth ship down to Christophsis and get the supplies to Bail Organa and his men. In the battle's aftermath, Senator Organa thanks Anakin. Then, Yularen expresses both concern and admiration for Anakin's daring, if unorthodox, tactics.

The Mole

On Christophsis, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and their clone troopers prepare to ambush the advancing Separatist droid forces from two towers. Just as they are about to fire on the battle droids, the advances split into three columns and battle droids suddenly appear in Obi-Wan's building. Anakin calls in a gunship for immediate evacuation before leading his squad to assist Obi-Wan. They escape to the roof and the Separatist droids follow them. Their gunship arrives and picks them up, but not before taking the tactical droid's head to find out how the Separatists discovered their plan.

At the base, Clone Captain Rex and Cody analyze the tactical droid's memory, but the best they can find before the head malfunctions is that the Separatists discovered their position ahead of time. Obi-Wan suggests that they may have a spy in their ranks. The Jedi decide to go behind enemy lines to investigate and tell the clone troopers to keep the mission classified. Anakin and Obi-Wan then sweep out of the base, but as the Jedi leave, Cody notices that someone left his comlink on and eavesdropped on them. They spot someone running off and chase him. Unfortunately, they lose him in the mess hall among their many brothers, meaning that one of the clone troopers is a traitor. They decide to contact the Jedi, but the Separatist droids are keeping the communications jammed.

Rex and Cody have Artoo analyze the communication history to find out if anyone had sent out any unauthorized transmissions. Rex notices an irregular wavelength that is too low and infrequent for them to normally detect. The transmission seems to be coming from Slick's barracks, so they decide to investigate. They question all of Slick's men: Jester was cleaning his weapon, Punch and Sketch were in the mess hall, and Gus was in the infirmary. The last one, Chopper, appears to be hiding something and reluctantly reveals that he was collecting battle droid fingers, which is forbidden by protocol. Chopper denies being a spy and Slick offers a full investigation when the Jedi come back. However, Chopper snaps that from his hiding place, he saw Slick turn into the command center rather than the mess hall. Cody also notes that Slick somehow knows about the Jedi's departure when in reality only Rex and Cody knew about it. Slick, knowing he's been discovered, punches Cody and Chopper before escaping. Cody and Rex try tracking him, but they are too late: Slick blows up many of the gunships and AT-TEs, as well as the weapons depot with charges he planted earlier. The other clone troopers inform Cody and Rex that Slick went into the command center and they order the others to secure the perimeter while they go inside.

In the meantime, as Anakin and Obi-Wan race to the Separatist base on BARC speeders, they notice an increasing number of battle droids that are spying on them, but they still decide to continue the mission, despite the fact that it has been compromised. They arrive at the Separatist base. While inside, they meet Asajj Ventress again and begin to duel with her. The Jedi manage to overcome Ventress and demand her surrender, but as they edge closer to capture her, she creates a large hole in the floor beneath their feet with her lightsabers and pushes them one level down. Ventress taunts them and runs away and the Jedi follow her, discovering that she has set up a whole army to invade Christophsis. The Jedi engage Ventress again, overbalancing the octuptarra tri-droid she is standing on before escaping on STAPs. Ventress dispatches Whorm Loathsom to take care of the Jedi while she moves on to the next phase of her master's plan. Ventress heads to the Trident.

Rex and Cody enter the command center in search of Slick. They soon guess that he is hiding in the vents and inconspicuously act out a scene. Cody leaves his blaster on the table while Rex goes to "secure the lockdown". Slick comes down from the vents and grabs Cody's blaster, only to find that it is empty and Rex comes up from behind him and puts his blaster at Slick's head. Slick engages the commander and captain in physical combat, stating that he was tired of all the suffering and was offered freedom and money from Ventress. Cody manages to knock him out and they apprehend him. As they present Slick before Anakin and Obi-Wan, Slick snaps that his brothers are enslaved by the Jedi and he was striking a blow for all clones and that he loves his brothers, but Cody and Rex retort that he has now exposed them all to certain doom. Cody orders the other clone troopers to take Slick to lockup.

Obi-Wan asks if they managed to salvage anything from the weapons depot. Rex says that though most of their weapons are trashed, they managed to save the heavy cannons, which will prove to be useful in the coming battle.

The Ground Battle of Christophsis

With most of their heavy weaponry destroyed by the traitor Slick, Obi-Wan, Anakin, and their clone troopers are in a tough situation. Since their fleet was sent for supplies and the Separatists re-blockaded the planet, they are forced to hold out long enough until reinforcement arrives. With the help of the Jedi and the heavy canons, the clone troopers are able to repel the first wave of the Separatist droid army, but at the cost of heavy casualties. Their problems seem to be solved when a Republic shuttle arrives. Obi-Wan gets relaxed and muses on whether they brought his new Padawan with them. He suggests Anakin ask one for himself. Anakin, claiming that a student would only him down, declines.

To their dismay, it turns out the shuttle only carried a Jedi youngling-soon-to-be-Padawan, Ahsoka Tano (who brought a message from Master Yoda about an imperious mission) instead of the hoped ammunition and reinforcements). Realizing that the Council doesn't even know about the mess they are in, Obi-Wan uses the shuttle that dropped off Ahsoka as a medium to get through to Coruscant and informs Yoda and Mace Windu about their dire need for help. Windu immediately orders an admiral to get a fleet of six cruisers together and Yoda decides to go with the fleet.

In the meantime on Christophsis, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka introduce themselves to each other. Obi-Wan suspects that the young girl is indeed the Padawan he requested. Ahsoka, however, respectfully rebuffs and states that Master Yoda was very specific when he assigned her to be Anakin's Padawan. To prevent a quarrel between them, Obi-Wan orders Anakin to check on the clone troopers and to take Ahsoka with him. Despite this, the two quickly clash on Anakin's denial of being her Master and Ahsoka's disrespectful attitude towards him. Anakin orders Rex to take her around the base in order to get rid of her. Rex and Ahsoka soon get friendly with each other, but their getting to know each other is cut short by the second Separatist attack.

Things get a lot more complicated since the Separatist leader General Whorm Loathsom activated his deflector shield to protect his Separatist droids from the heavy cannons until they get close enough to destroy them. Things are looking bad. Ahsoka suggests they destroy the shield generator and Anakin — for once — agrees with her, so Obi-Wan sends them to do the job while he and the clone troopers try to delay the Separatist droids. After some fighting, Obi-Wan orders the clone troopers to protect the cannons while he pretends to surrender himself to Loathsom to buy some time.

After a few setbacks, Anakin and Ahsoka succeed in their mission and blow up the generator. With the shield gone, the cannons easily destroy the marching Separatist droids and Obi-Wan effortlessly takes Loathsom hostage, finally winning the battle. At this very moment, Yoda arrives with the reinforcements. Anakin finally loosens up towards Ahsoka and realizing that they're quite similar before he accepts her as his Padawan.

Although Christophsis is now safe, our heroes can't relax just yet: Jabba the Hutt's son has been kidnapped and if the Separatists find him first, they will have the alliance of the Hutt Clan.


  • Anachronic Order: The chronological order of this story arc is "Cat and Mouse" (2:16), "The Hidden Enemy" (1:16), and the pilot movie. The Christophsis arc is also chronologically the first story arc in The Clone Wars.
  • Beam Spam: This is sort of expected given that it's Star Wars.
  • By Wall That Is Holey: In the pilot movie, Ahsoka saves Anakin from a bunch of Separatist droids by using the Force to bring a wall down on them. The droids are crushed, but Anakin is left unharmed as a result of being right under a hole in the wall.
  • The Dragon: Ventress serves the role as this to Count Dooku.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: General Whorm Loathsom briefly appears in "The Hidden Enemy". Due to the series' Anachronic Order, his cameo is technically this trope, even though the episode aired after the pilot movie in which he had a slightly larger role.
  • Ensign Newbie: Rex explicitly points out to Ahsoka that regardless of what her technical rank is, experience and knowledge in combat is what really counts.
  • Foreshadowing: In "Cat and Mouse", Yularen mentions how Admiral Trench apparently survived having his ship shot out from under him the previous time he faced him during the Battle of Malastare Narrows. Naturally, he reappears later in The Clone Wars' sixth season.
  • Hollywood Tactics: The Battle of Christophsis in the pilot movie features the clone troopers running out of their hiding space into the beam spam. It also presents a clone trooper actually run up to a battle droid and try to punch it out with his fist. It doesn't work, since the action causes his hand to hurt and results in his getting blasted by the battle droid.
  • Hypocrite: Do you remember how Anakin was acting towards Obi-Wan back in Attack of the Clones? Well, in the pilot movie, he demands respect from Ahsoka and tells her that a Jedi is humble.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: Obi-Wan pulls this on Loathsom.
  • The Mole: Slick is this trope as a result of being a traitor to the Republic through giving information to Ventress.

Alternative Title(s): Star Wars The Clone Wars Battle Of Christophsis Arc