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Recap / Sly 2: Band of Thieves Mission 01 "The Black Chateau"

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Sly Cooper, Bentley, and Murray return to Paris to stop Dimitri, a lounge lizard and forger who has the Clockwerk Tail Feathers.


  • Arc Villain: Dimitri Lousteau.
  • The Burlesque of Venus: In the opening cutscene introducing Dimitri, one of his "forgeries" is an In-Universe version of The Birth of Venus.
  • Coolest Club Ever: Dimitri's Nightclub.
  • Counterfeit Cash: It is revealed that Dimitri is using the Clockwerk tail-feathers as printing plates for a counterfeit money-printer. With Clockwerk's metal alloy being Made of Indestructium, this can go on forever if the Cooper Gang don't stop him.
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  • Gay Paree: The level is set in Paris, France. Or rather, the general area of Dimitri's night-club in Paris.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: After beating Dimitri, Sly knocks him into the printing press and he gets stuck in one of the surrounding barrels.
  • Let's Dance: Dimitri says that loudly after Sly made fun of his suit, causing him to get upset.
  • MacGuffin: The Clockwerk Tail-feathers, used as printing plates for Dimitri's Counterfeit Cash operation.
  • Operation: [Blank]: "Operation: Thunder Beak". Murray and Bentley break into the water-tower and shut-down the plaza fountain. Sly pickpockets the repair truck keys from the repair man Dimitri sends and Murray and Bentley use them to steal the repair truck. Sly climbs to the top of the nightclub's peacock sign and catches the winch-line and attaches it to the sign. They pull the sing down and smash it over the fountain, creating a hole into Dimitri's printing-press room where the tail-feathers are located.
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  • Warm-Up Boss: Dimitri's boss fight is arguably the most straight forward. The boss arena is a closed-off room with plenty of ink barrels to block his attacks, no goons show up to help him and his attacks are telegraphed enough where the player can easily guess when it's safe to attack him.


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