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Recap / Regular Show S 08 E 03 Welcome To Space

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Continuing from Cool Bro Bots, the park crew is transported by their saviors, Chance Sureshot, Toothpick Sally and Recap Bot to the Space Tree Station where they meet Colonel Rawls and are informed they're part of program to be trained to travel in space and explore planets for humanity. However, while the crew is excited for it, Benson wants nothing to do with it and seeks to find a way back to Earth.



  • All Just a Dream: Or rather a holodeck simulator. Benson thinks he's returned to Earth but wandered into a holodeck by accident where he thinks years have past.
  • Beard of Sorrow: Benson gains one due to homelessness while on "Earth".
  • Call-Back: The Spark Initiative was first foreshadowed in "Maellard's Package." As figure out by Benson, "Spark" means "Space-Park".
  • Facepalm: Sally when Chance tries to makes himself look cool by twirling his blaster, only to drop it on the floor.
  • Late to the Party: We find out from Rawls that Chance was suppose to rendezvous with the park dome no sooner they had reached space. But took two days to do so, apparently having trouble trying to find them. Rawls comments Chance was lucky they got to them before the Reaperbots had finished their plans.
  • Reality Ensues: Since Benson is homeless, he can't get a higher paying job when he tries to get hired by other companies (one of which is ironically run by hobos).
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  • Refusal of the Call: Benson initially in contrast to everyone's Jumped at the Call attitude of joining the space program. After going through the holodeck simulator and seeing the VHS of everyone asking that he stay on to be with them, he changes his mind.
  • Sequel Hook: During the orientation film, there's a part that bleeped out and labeled as classified. Rawls cuts it there and tells that something for later.
  • Teleportation Sickness: Or rather lightspeed sickness. Since it's the park crew's first time experiencing it, they're not prepared for it when Lance transports them to the Space Tree.
  • Time Passes Montage: One occurs of Benson returning to Earth and trying to continue his life.
  • Year Inside, Hour Outside: Benson thinks years have gone by while in the holodeck, in truth it was only a few seconds.

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