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Recap / Regular Show S 08 E 04 Space Creds

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The crew begin their space training. While exploring the dome, Mordecai and Rigby try to buy some hover shoes, only to find that regular money is useless in space and that they need space creds. When no one is willing to give them the money, Recap Bot tells them a scientist is looking for assistants and willing to pay. The duo take the job, but find that it involves going into the body of a giant plant monster to retrieve a necklace.



  • Brick Joke: When asking their friends for money, Pops and Skips tell them that they could hurt themselves with the hover boots. And Greg likewise tells them to be careful as his parting words as he sinks into the plant monster. When the duo finally get them, they end up flying into a ceiling and into their beds.
  • Eaten Alive: The only way to get into the plant monster is to let it eat you. Luckily is doesn't chew it's food.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Mordecai throws the necklace over the safety line which Jessica runs across to retrieve it, only to quickly get swallowed up by the plant monster.
  • Large Ham: Jessica and Greg are right out of a daytime soap opera. There's even a musical sting when Jessica tells the duo about her husband.
  • Mad Scientist: Jessica apparently is one, having spent all her space cred on the mutant plant.
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  • Manipulative Bitch: Jessica sends the duo into the plant in the hopes of retrieving a necklace Greg snatched off her, promising to pay the duo if they succeeded. However she didn't count on Greg still being alive who reveals she doesn't have any money.
  • Sanity Slippage: Jessica apparently had one only a week into their job on the station when she started experimenting on her mutant plant. Seeing it as her "baby".
  • Together in Death: Not "death" per se, but Greg and Jessica decide to rekindle their marriage within the giant plant after it eats them.

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