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Recap / Power Rangers Ninja Steel S01E01 Return of the Prism

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The series opens with a flashback, narrated by main character Brody. Ten years ago, something called the Ninja Nexus Prism fell to Earth, where it was discovered by a ninja master, Brody's father. In studying it, he found it was coated in a metal called Ninja Steel, and that it housed something called the Ninja Nexus Star. He was able to remove the Star from the Prism, but the family was attacked by monsters, led by a villain named Galvanax.


After getting his other son Aiden to safety, Brody's father fought to defend him, using the Ninja Nexus Star to morph into a red Power Ranger. He battled valiantly to stop the monsters, but was overpowered and demorphed. Galvanax took the Star for himself and tried to absorb it's power. In a desperate attempt to stop him, the red ranger slashed at the Star, shattering it into six pieces. The six fragments transformed into the Ninja Power Stars and were returned to the Ninja Nexus Prism. The red ranger meanwhile, had vanished. The Prism and Brody were both taken by Galvanax, leading us to the present day.

Brody now works on Galvanax's ship as a slave, alongside his companions: Mick, a humanoid who can transform into different objects, and a robot named Redbot. Galvanax holds an intergalactic contest show called Galaxy Warriors, where aliens from around the universe compete to try and pull one of the Power Stars from the prism. However, not one alien has succeeded in the past ten years. Galvanax finally decides to return to Earth in order to locate the Ninja Steel, as one of his advisors theorizes that they can reuse the Ninja Steel in order to make new power stars of their own . Brody and his friends, seeing a chance for freedom, steal the Prism and jump ship.


They make it down to Earth but are separated from Mick and get attacked by one of Galvanax's aliens. Coincidentally, Preston and Sarah, two students from the local high school happen to be in the area and volunteer to help. Three of the Power Stars begin to glow and they manage to pull them out. Morphers appear in each of their hands and they transform into Power Rangers, Preston becoming blue, Sarah becoming pink, and Brody inheriting his father's red ranger suit. The rangers fight off the monster and celebrate their victory.

They bury the Prism so that no one can find it, Preston and Sarah offering to help Brody in his quest to retrieve the remaining white, yellow and gold Stars, but their plans are interrupted when the Prism suddenly lifts up and flies off into the sky.


Tropes in this episode:

  • Demoted to Extra: Calvin and Hayley only appear for a few seconds of screen time.
  • Did You Actually Believe...?: Brody gets asked by Korvaka if he thought he could steal the Nexus Prism.
  • Dynamic Entry: Just as Brody's about to reach inside the Nexus Prism, Korvaka kicks him away from it.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: The white, yellow and gold ranger suits can be seen on their respective Power Stars before any of them are assigned to an active ranger.
  • Goofy Print Underwear: After getting his dragon costume torn off, Preston is wearing a pair of blue boxers covered in images of hamburgers and hot dogs.
  • Mythology Gag: Cosmo introduces Korvaka as the champion of the Ninninger Galaxy.
  • Nobody Could Have Survived That: Korvaka says this as he blasts Brody, Sarah and Preston. Of course they do as they first morph to Power Rangers.
  • Prepare to Die: Korvaka says “Prepare for total destruction” before Sarah and Preston save Brody by accident.

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