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Recap / Monk S 3 E 6 Mr Monk And The Girl Who Cried Wolf

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Monk's personal and professional lives cross when Sharona suddenly begins seeing a bloody man — a man only she sees and who disappears without a trace before she can show anyone else. Although it initially looks as though Sharona is going insane, the mysterious man turns out to be connected to a deadly plot.

This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Gaslighting: Sharona's writing professor Meredith Preminger tries to discredit her sanity by having her lover, a security guard named Denny Graf, pose as a dying man with a knife in his blood-soaked chest and a screwdriver sticking out of his ear, stating "Douglas is worried about you", and then have him disappear when she tries to show him to Monk: Thrice. Turns out, she is doing this because Sharona has written a mystery paper which was about a woman who kills her husband by feeding him tomato soup laced with a toxin that can emulate a heart attack, which Meredith and her lover have decided will be helpful to use against her husband, and thus cover their tracks in case Sharona gets suspicious.
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  • In the Blood: A variant; it turns out Sharona's father went insane and spent the last years of his life confined to a room, which makes Sharona very nervous when she seems to start having delusions.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: Sharona's writing teacher murders her husband using a poison Sharona mentioned in her story that will make it look as though he had a heart attack.
  • You Can See That, Right?: Sharona thinks she's losing her mind after she starts seeing a bloodied man with a screwdriver in his ear and knife in his chest, only for him to vanish without any evidence he was ever there when she goes to get help from Monk. The first couple times he only appears when Sharona is alone, but eventually he shows up while she's in the middle of a talk with her writing teacher. Sharona asks the teacher if she can see him, but she says she can't. She actually does, she's just in on it due to a murder scheme.

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