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Recap / Law And Order S 18 E 4 Bottomless

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The murder of lawyer Lily Yee is connected to the theft of a pair of pants that were evidence in a civil suit against her parents, who own a dry cleaning store. The plaintiff alleges they returned the wrong pants to him and lost his own; the pants he received were actually brought in by Rachel Monroe. She works for SavingsMart, a discount store chain with a very strict "family values" policy, and was having an affair with a fellow employee - the presumed owner of the pants. This gives both of them a motive for murder since they'd be fired if the company found out about the affair. Van Buren's former boss Fuller, who is now the CEO of SavingsMart, gets involved in the case.


Fuller retrieves the pants, which belong to a David Cahill. Blood on the pants proves a match to Yee's, and Cahill is charged with murder; but the pants are ruled inadmissible as evidence after Fuller lies to the judge. Cutter and Rubirosa discover Cahill had been sourcing toothpaste for SavingsMart that was later found to be contaminated with antifreeze, and used this to blackmail Fuller to get the evidence against him dismissed. He also sold on the toothpaste to a company which supplies hospitals, prisons, and retirement homes - expecting such places to have so many deaths that no one would investigate properly.

In exchange for no charges, the SavingsMart legal team agrees to get the evidence re-admitted and all tubes of the toothpaste recalled. Fuller's testimony gets the pants re-admitted as evidence, but Cutter then lures him into confessing under oath that Cahill blackmailed SavingsMart over the toothpaste. McCoy points out that Cutter deliberately broke their deal with SavingsMart's lawyers (which included no bad publicity); but is secretly happy, knowing it's what he himself would have done when he was EADA.


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